Draymond Green Faces Backlash Over Knicks Critique on Podcast

Key Takeaways:
– NBA star, Draymond Green’s remarks on his podcast about the New York Knicks stirred controversy.
– Respected New York Post media critic, Phil Mushnick called out Green, criticizing his outlook on the Knicks’ strategy.
– Despite the criticism, Green’s podcast is popular, hitting the 11th spot on the list of Apple’s most popular podcasts following the 2022 NBA Finals.

Draymond Green, a star player for the Warriors, is well-known for his ability to create tension on the basketball court. His vocal manner and very physical style of play can irk opponents, teammates, as well as coaches. Green’s unique persona doesn’t stop there; it extends to his podcast, where he continues to stir the pot.

Controversy Over Green’s Remarks

The recent controversy stems from his comments regarding the New York Knicks. Green’s podcast, running for three years now under different iterations, has been a platform for his candid views on basketball tactics. His recent criticism of the Knicks’ team-building strategy, particularly the addition of Mikal Bridges, gained a lot of attention.

New York Post media critic, Phil Mushnick, took exception to Green’s comments. Expressing his views, Mushnick said, “Draymond Green, one of the most persistently misleading reasons to disregard the NBA as a civil sport, is now providing advice on how to achieve team basketball victory on his podcast.” Mushnick pointed out Green’s own controversial track record on the court, making him an unlikely authority on team-building.

Green’s Perspective on Knicks Vs. Celtics

Green’s comments on the Knicks were clear: he doesn’t believe they can outplay the Celtics. “Ultimately, you’re building a team that can beat Boston. But I don’t see that team beating Boston.” Green stated on his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show.”

However, critics argue that Green’s on-court antics, which led to him being suspended during a pivotal 12-game run, make him an inappropriate figure to comment on team strategizing. Despite the controversy, Green remains unwavered and continues to voice his opinions on the podcast.

Green’s Podcast Popularity Despite Controversy

Despite the criticisms from Mushnick and others, Green’s podcast has soared in popularity. Following the Warriors’ championship win in the 2022 NBA Finals, “The Draymond Green Show” ranked as the 11th most popular podcast on Apple Podcasts. Green’s analysis in almost real-time during the Warriors’ championship push was widely received. Notably, Bloomberg cited the rise of Green’s podcast as the ‘biggest media story of the NBA Finals.’

Professional sector aside, his passionate fans also admire Green’s tenacity. He’s been candid and untouchable in his commentary, which has undoubtedly ruffled some feathers but equally so has amassed a considerable listener base. Although Green’s preachings may not be universally accepted, his voice on the podcast continues to resonate and draw fans.

In summary, the wild world of sports isn’t just limited to what we see on the court. It extends to sports personalities like Draymond Green who, in their candidness, bring a whole new dynamic to the game, even if it triggers controversy. As the saying goes, “all publicity is good publicity,” and in this case – Green’s podcast ratings prove this point. As the future unfolds, it will be intriguing to observe the transformative figures of sports culture like Green, whose voices extend beyond the court and resonate with millions.


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