Eddie Murphy’s Legendary Return in ‘Axel F,’ A Look at the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Franchise

We’re totally stoked about Eddie Murphy’s comeback as Axel Foley, and it seems so is the internet! Murphy’s been acing the press tours, reliving the glory days of ‘Beverly Hills Cop’. So, we thought, why not rank this iconic series that propelled Murphy to the bright lights of Hollywood stardom? Let’s explore how each installment measures up!

Spot No. 4: ‘Beverly Hills Cop III’ Upsets

In fourth spot, we find ‘Beverly Hills Cop III’, directed by John Landis. Murphy’s performance was cool but the film just didn’t live up to our hopes. Even big-time theme park fans find the movie too long and kind of dull. The constantly changing sidekicks were confusing too, and key character Reinhold barely had a chance to shine. Sorry, John Landis, but his one just didn’t hit the target.

Middle-of-the-Pack: ‘Axel F’ (2024) – Murphy’s Comeback

Murphy’s return as Axel Foley could’ve turned out badly, given the lukewarm reaction to ‘Beverly Hills Cop III’. But, director Mark Molloy masterfully mixed Murphy’s unique comedy style into an older, yet charming Axel Foley. Sure, it leans on nostalgia, but Murphy along with Taylour Paige make it a fun watch.

There’s hope, too, for upcoming entries. Murphy, Paige, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt look set to be a hit team. At the end of the day, Axel F is Murphy’s show and he shines like the star he is.

Second Place: ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’

The follow-up to the original action-comedy was a box office success, but it didn’t topple the first film. There were funny moments from Judge Reinhold and John Ashton, but it felt like there wasn’t enough Murphy magic. Too bad!

Still, director Tony Scott gave us brilliant action scenes that are still talked about. With a cool aesthetic to match, these action sequences are a high point. A few bumps along the way, but it’s still fresh and earns runner-up status.

Top of the Charts: Original ‘Beverly Hills Cop’

Taking the crown is the original ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ directed by Martin Brest. This 1984 classic is a comedy goldmine. It rocketed Murphy and Brest to fame. Murphey’s unique comedic style made the film a massive hit.

‘Beverly Hills Cop’ defined a time in American culture and even chatted with the Oscars. So, it’s no wonder it’s a pop culture favorite and swept Murphy to the top of the Hollywood A-list. It’s nothing short of deserving of the top-ranking spot in the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ franchise history.

There’s the scoop on the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ franchise rankings. Makes you want to check out these films again, doesn’t it? Keep an eye on our socials for more awesome entertainment content. And if you’re an Eddie Murphy or ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ fan, make sure to stay locked here for all the freshest updates!

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