Finn Jones May Leave MCU, Janora Dons the New Iron Fist Mantle

Meet Janora the New Iron Fist

Grab some popcorn because we have some MCU news for you! Your favorite superhero universe might be saying goodbye to Finn Jones, best known as Iron Fist. But wait, don’t get upset just yet. The news isn’t all sad. A brand new face under the mantle of Iron Fist is coming your way, and she goes by the name Janora.

The Past of Iron Fist

Finn Jones took on Iron Fist’s role in the Netflix series. However, the show did not quite hit the mark with fans. Many people said they were disappointed. As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, and this was no different. Disney saw the reactions and decided something drastic needed to happen. Cue the creation of a female Iron Fist character, Janora!

First Glimpse of Janora

Now, where can we expect Janora, the epic new Iron Fist, to show up? The answer is in the much-anticipated animated Black Panther spin-off, Eyes of Wakanda. An insider, known as @MyTimeToShineHello, sparked a conversation that led us to this delicious piece of info. This series promises to bring Janora together with another character named Basha, as well as the Dora Milaje. Fans can hardly wait.

Eyes of Wakanda Linking to the MCU

We asked Brad Winderbaum, the executive producer of Eyes of Wakanda, about the new series. He revealed that Eyes of Wakanda is closely linked to the MCU. He said, “If you’re a fan of the movies, this show is gonna be a real treat.” Talk about whetting the appetite!

Buzz About Finn Jones’ Exit

With all these whispers of a female Iron Fist, it seems our favorite knight from Game of Thrones, Finn Jones, may leave the MCU. I wish we had concrete info to tell you, but for now, we too are in the suspense pit until we get an official word.

What’s Cooking in Eyes of Wakanda?

Of all the MCU projects to look forward to, Eyes of Wakanda has us on our toes. Expected out in 2024, we are on a mission to uncover the story of the brave Dora Milaje and the rich city of Wakanda. The switch in Iron Fist’s portrayal alone has drummed up much curiosity. Unfortunately for us, we have to wait until the series comes out to see what happens next.

Can’t Wait for 2024

Between the potential exit of Finn Jones and the exciting arrival of Janora, we can hardly sleep! We are waiting for 2024 just like every one of you MCU fans. While we have no official confirmations just yet, we can all stay tuned into The Official Marvel Podcast for more Marvel updates. It’s on Spotify for everyone across the globe to enjoy.

There it is, folks. Finn Jones might be exiting the MCU, and Janora is set to arrive with her Iron Fist. We hope we get official confirmation soon, but in the meantime, keep your ears to the ground for more Marvel news.

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