Flames Eye Disgruntled Leafs Forward – Nicholas Robertson Trade In Sight?

Key Takeaways:

– Toronto Maple Leafs’ Nicholas Robertson is reportedly unhappy and looking for a team trade.
– He has been identified by The Athletic’s Julian McKenzie as a potential target for Calgary Flames.
– The Leafs issued a qualifying offer to Robertson, making him a restricted free agent.

Leafs’ Robertson Heading for a New Team?

Young Toronto Maple Leafs forward, Nicholas Robertson, appears to be searching for new opportunities. The Maple Leafs aren’t in a hurry to move the player, however, he might just find a possible trade partner in the Calgary Flames.

Calgary Flames Eager to Strengthen Roster

According to Julian McKenzie, a journalist for The Athletic, the Calgary Flames are keen on the trade market. With the Flames showing a preference for players within the 18 to 23-year-old range, McKenzie lists 11 potential options, one of whom is the Maple Leafs’ Robertson.

Robertson’s Possible Future with the Flames

McKenzie suggests that while it’s uncertain whether the Flames will act on the possible trade with Robertson, it’s worth considering. He believes that despite Robertson being more of a middle-six option, it could bring more consistency to his game than his time in Toronto.

The qualifying offer extended to Robertson by the Leafs on July 1 effectively made him a restricted free agent. However, he had already informed the franchise of his plan not to sign an extension. This put him on McKenzie’s radar as a possible trade option for the Flames.

Nicholas Robertson’s Rocky Journey in Toronto

TSN’s Chris Johnston reported that Robertson isn’t keen on re-signing with the Toronto franchise. Reports suggested he requested a trade of his negotiating rights ahead of free agency, only to receive a qualifying offer from the Leafs, leaving his future uncertain.

Robertson’s Impressive Track Record

Drafted by the Maple Leafs as the No. 53 pick in the 2019 NHL draft, Robertson has 35 total points from his 87 regular-season games and 10 postseason appearances. The 22-year-old also just finished his best season with Toronto, with 14 goals and 13 assists in 56 games.

Reactions from Maple Leafs Management

The Leafs’ general manager Brad Treliving, was aware of Robertson’s frustrations but didn’t comment on the trade request. Instead, he spoke highly of Robertson, indicating he still sees him as a valuable player for the team. While no decision has been made yet, this could mean Toronto isn’t quite ready to let go of the young star.

Trade or No Trade?

With the Leafs extending the qualifying offer to Robertson, they now have the right to match any contract offers made by other teams. This could result in negotiation attempts for an extension, especially if coach Craig Berube offers him more play time and a bigger role.

Furthermore, the Leafs recently lost Tyler Bertuzzi to the Chicago Blackhawks, creating a gap in the lineup that Robertson could fill if he chooses to re-sign. Additionally, if Mitch Marner agrees to waive his No-Move Clause, bigger opportunities could open up for Robertson in Toronto.

While it’s clear Robertson has his sights set elsewhere, his future with Toronto isn’t sealed just yet. The ball’s in the court of the disgruntled player and Leafs management to navigate the turbulence and find the best solution for all parties involved. The unfolding of this sports drama is certainly something to keep an eye on as the NHL season continues.


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