Fright Night Stars Relive Spooky Memories with a Script Reading Reunion

Fright Night Cast Hosts Memorable Reunion

Recently, our favorite vampire movie of the ’80s, ‘Fright Night,’ proved that its charm lives on. The exciting part? The film’s stars, including acclaimed actor Chris Sarandon and director Tom Holland, came together for a live script reading. Other celebrities, such as Mark Hamill and Rosario Dawson, added to the fun at this unique get together. The entire event is available on an entertaining podcast called ‘Table Read’. Get ready to revisit some spooky memories!

A Spooky Jamboree Turns into a Nostalgic Journey

Here’s a fun detail: during the reunion, Chris Sarandon, who played the fearsome vampire Jerry Dandridge, dished out an interesting piece of information. He almost passed on the movie! The reason: he wasn’t too thrilled by the film’s title. Lucky for us, he changed his mind.

Director Tom Holland also got into the spirit of the reunion. He shared some of his experiences while making ‘Fright Night’. Holland labeled the production as his best directing experience. He had tons of praise for the film crew who were a part of ‘Ghostbusters’. They were led by special effects genius, Richard Edlund.

Fright Night: A Smooth Sailing Experience

Holland recounted how Fright Night was a smooth and straightforward production process, largely thanks to a lack of interference from the big bosses. With $9 million to play with, he got to make the film his way, without much trouble from anyone.

Even the casting for Fright Night was a pleasant process. Holland described it as “extraordinarily wonderful”. Apparently, the world’s attention was on another movie, ‘Perfect’, starring John Travolta and Jamie Lee Curtis. This made things easier for Holland and his team.

Original Doubts Turned around

Sarandon talked about the significant effect Fright Night had on vampire movies. When Fright Night was being made, vampire films were not at their peak. This movie gave the genre a much-needed makeover, making movie buffs fall in love with vampire flicks again.

However, Sarandon admitted he was not sold at first. He saw the title of the film and thought, “No, I can’t do a movie with this title. I’m a serious actor.” But as he read the script, his doubts dissolved. The script was so good that he met with director Tom Holland. Upon hearing Holland’s detailed plan for the movie, Sarandon decided to join the project.

A Classic Vampire Tale Recalled

‘Fright Night’ follows Charley Brewster, a teenage horror movie fan who suspects his handsome next-door neighbor, Jerry Dandridge played by Sarandon, is a vampire. Despite everyone thinking he’s crazy, strange events start happening.

For all Fright Night fans, aren’t you glad that Sarandon not only read the script but also chose to act in the movie? Without him, would Fright Night be the same? Let us know how you feel in the comments section!

In conclusion, Fright Night shows we should look beyond first impressions to create something memorable. It’s not about the title or the genre; it’s about the story and the creative teamwork behind it. The reflections shared by Holland and Sarandon surely confirm this lesson! Seize the day, surpass doubts, and create unparalleled experiences; Fright Night is proof of it!

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