Golden State Warriors Reconsider Trading Wiggins for Bulls’ Zach LaVine

Key Takeaways:

– Golden State Warriors reconsider trading for Chicago Bulls’ Zach LaVine.
– The team previously turned down a similar offer.
– The new offer includes swapping Andrew Wiggins, Moses Moody, Gary Payton II and Kevon Looney for LaVine’s contract.
– Warriors’ initial rejection was due to LaVine’s higher contract costs compared to Wiggins.
– LaVine’s performance potential and Chicago’s first-round draft pick could make the new proposal attractive.

Golden State Warriors Reevaluating Zach LaVine Trade

Several days ago, the Golden State Warriors rejected a trade deal involving Zach LaVine from the Chicago Bulls. However, a new proposal could potentially change their stance.

Initially, a failed sign-and-trade for Paul George with the LA Clippers led the Warriors to consider further choices for their roster. Additionally, the departure of Stephen Curry’s sidekick, Klay Thompson, to the Dallas Mavericks, has thinned out available partners for the Golden State outfit.

The New Trade Proposition

The latest trade proposition from Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report could be the solution. This new trade plan involves the Warriors sending Andrew Wiggins, Moses Moody, Gary Payton II, and Kevon Looney to the Chicago Bulls. In return, they will bring in Zach LaVine, backup guard Jevon Carter, and a top-three protected 2026 first-round draft pick.

High Salaried LaVine: An Overpaid Risk or A Well-timed Gamble?

Although LaVine’s contract is comparatively pricey, and periodic injuries have hounded his career, he is undoubtedly a potent scorer. His overpayment and lack of team success could be seen as hurdles, but in terms of productivity, LaVine stands above any other player the Warriors could potentially bring onboard without losing high-end draft picks or talented prospects.

Why Did The Warriors Initially Reject LaVine?

Earlier trade negotiations with the Bulls saw the Warriors turning down a chance to bring in LaVine, with Wiggins and former player Chris Paul as potential trade parts. The costs associated with LaVine’s hefty contract were the main sticking point. With LaVine’s contract demanding around $53 million more over the next three years than Wiggins’, the Warriors chose the latter.

However, the new trade proposition offers an added benefit: a first-round draft pick straight from the Bulls. This can either serve as a key resource for the Warriors enabling a rookie to aid the team’s post-Curry era or as another bargaining chip in future trade deals.

What Would LaVine Offer To Golden State?

Despite LaVine’s inconsistent defensive capabilities, his offensive prowess is undeniable. The two-time NBA All-Star has consistently scored between 23.7 and 27.4 points per game over the last six seasons. Furthermore, he boasts of a strong 3-point shooting record with an average career rate of 38.2% and contributes decent numbers in both rebounds and assists categories.

While LaVine’s health concerns remain a factor, with him appearing in only 25 games last season, he has a record of participating in at least 60 games in four of the five seasons prior to last year.

A Waiting Game on The Trade

Whether the Warriors will accept the new trade proposal remains to be seen. However, the potent scoring of LaVine paired with the extra first-round pick offers considerable value that could prove too tempting for the Warriors to reject. As the situation unfolds, fans of both the Bulls and Warriors will be eagerly holding their breath to see where LaVine will dribble next.


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