Internet Star Hailey Welch Gets Her Own TV Show

Internet Fame Can Happen to Anyone!

You know Hailey Welch, right? She’s that girl who went viral because of her funny response to a street interviewer, famously known as the ‘Hawk Tuah’ moment. So this girl makes a silly sound and the next thing you know, she’s world-famous. No rehearsals, no auditions, no talent agencies – just one memorable incident!

Hailey is Moving to TV

Insiders are buzzing that big-wig TV producers and showrunners are looking to create a whole show around Hailey. While her viral fame is no small deal, rumors say it’s her sparky personality that has TV folks excited to work with her. It’s an interesting twist, showing how Internet fame can literally open doors.

Check Out the Merch!

Hailey’s viral phrase, the one we all know and love, has already landed on a bunch of stuff you can buy. Jason Poteete told Rolling Stone that these goods have already made a whopping $65,000! This has got people wondering if Hailey’s going to trademark her phrase, taking her fame to a whole new level.

But, Not Everyone’s Happy

There are always critics, right? The news about Hailey’s potential TV show sparked a lot of backlash online. People are questioning whether becoming famous from viral Internet content is actually a good thing. Some compare it to the movie ‘The Truman Show,’ where Jim Carrey’s character ended up being the star of a reality show without even knowing it.

One tweet by @Stop_Hammerzeit perfectly summed up this feeling: “We’re in a Truman Show experiment, and they want to see what we’ll tolerate watching.”

The Ball is in TV Producers’ Court

Despite the controversy, it remains to be seen if TV bosses will greenlight Hailey’s reality show. However, one thing’s for sure: all this splash has got us thinking about ‘Internet fame’ and who we collectively decide to make famous.

Wrap Up

Hailey’s unexpected rise to fame is an incredibly interesting story for anyone fascinated by the power of the Internet. On one hand, it’s amazing that someone can go from unknown to star status with a mere click. On the other hand, it also sparks debates about the role of the digital community in shaping fame.

Regardless of how the chips fall for Hailey, one thing is clear. The Internet continues to revolutionize how fame is perceived and achieved. So, who knows? Today Hailey, tomorrow it could be anyone of us going viral and landing our own TV show! The storyline is always changing, and we’ll just have to wait and see what the next viral sensation brings.

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