Jamie Foxx Sheds Light on Mysterious Health Scare: His 20-Day Ordeal

Sudden Illness in Atlanta

Last year, popular actor Jamie Foxx experienced a mysterious health issue that kept him out of sight for 20 days. The incident occurred in April 2023, while Foxx was in Atlanta shooting for Netflix’s film “Back in Action.” Foxx’s daughter, Corinne, referred to the event as a “medical complication,” the specifics of which have remained undisclosed until recently.

Foxx Shares His Experience

The Oscar-winning actor broke his silence this week through a video shared on TikTok. The clip, which caught the public’s attention, soon circulated on other social media platforms. In the footage spotted over the weekend in downtown Phoenix, Foxx narrates his sudden health debacle. He recalls suffering a “bad headache” on April 11, 2023, and asking a friend for an Advil. After that, he remembers nothing. He simply “woke up 20 days later with no memory of what happened”.

Medical Intervention

As Foxx reveals, his sister and daughter took him to see a doctor following his plight. He was administered a cortisone shot, a commonly used remedy for pain and inflammation. However, their visit led to more questions than answers. Doctors warned Foxx, “something’s going on up there,” while pointing to his head. He refused to discuss the details on camera, alluding to a serious underlying condition.

Foxx’s Previous Statements

Foxx had vaguely discussed his ordeal in a social media video last July. He termed it something so intense he “never thought he would go through.” He also mentioned a challenging recovery journey filled with “potholes”. He also hinted that he was reluctant to share the specifics to protect his image, stating, “I just didn’t want you to see me like that.”

Road to Recovery

In a social media post in August, Foxx updated his fans about his recuperation process. He captioned a sequence of pictures with “finally startin to feel like myself”. He described his recovery journey as an “unexpected dark journey” but now he could “see the light”.

Foxx Continues to Tease More Information

During the Special Achievement Awards luncheon at the African American Film Critics Association, Foxx hinted at disclosing more about his health scare. Charismatic as always, Foxx expressed his intent to share his story in a humorous way on stage. He called it a return to his “standup sort of roots”.

Looking Ahead

The film “Back in Action”, starring Foxx and marking his onscreen reunion with Cameron Diaz, is under post-production. It is scheduled to release later this week. All eyes are now on Foxx. Fans and well-wishers wait anxiously for his return to the screen and for more insights into his mysterious health scare.


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