Job Alert: Real Tradesmen Needed for Commercial Shoot in Baltimore! Earn $1,500!

Hey there folks! Have you heard the latest? There’s a fantastic opportunity brewing in Baltimore, Maryland. If you’re a real tradesman, this might just be for you. Yes, we’re talking about woodworkers, carpenters, electricians, and similar tradesmen. Get ready to show your skills before the camera!

Here’s What’s Happening

Casting directors are on the lookout for real tradespeople to star in a non-union commercial shoot. This is your chance to shine in the limelight and get paid handsomely for it. With meal perks thrown in, it’s not an opportunity to miss!

Role and Responsibilities

Your role will be to contribute in the commercial shoot, flaunting your trade skills. You need to listen and follow instructions from the director and the production team to create engaging and authentic scenes. Maintaining your enthusiasm and professionalism throughout the shoot is a must. Also, bringing your own tools (like woodworking tools, carpentry tools, electrician tools, etc.) would be sweet!

So, Who’s Ideal for the Job?

The perfect candidate for this role should be a male, aged between 30-40 years old of Black or Latino ethnicity. Got the look of a real tradesperson – a sturdy build with facial hair? Amazing. Remember, you should be a non-union member and a Baltimore local as no transportation will be provided. Mark your calendar for July 10th and 11th as that’s when you will be required for filming.

The Perks of the Deal

Let’s talk money. You’ll bag $500 per day of the shoot and a $1,000 usage fee. That’s a total of a whopping $1,500 in your pocket! And guess what? There’s food too. Yes, meals and snacks will be catered during the shoot days. Pretty neat, huh? Well, this is more than just money. You’ll be getting exposure for your trade skills on a commercial. Isn’t that cool?

How Do You Jump On Board?

To apply, simply register and apply with Project Casting. It’s a stepping stone to a variety of jobs you can apply to right away.

But That’s Not All…

Did we mention there are more casting calls and acting auditions you can explore while you’re there? You can learn how to get cast in sought-after shows like Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 6 and ‘Wednesday’ Season 2. And if you’re in sunny Florida, there’s exciting news for you. Miami Swim Week Influencers are being hired for work in Miami, FL.

So whether you want to showcase your trade skills, or your acting chops, the world is at your fingertips. Gear up and grab these opportunities before they slip away! Are you ready to make a career move and explore these exciting options? Don’t wait. Go, make your mark now! Remember, it’s your skills that make you unique, and who knows, this could be the feather in your cap you’ve been waiting for! Get going and reach for the stars. Good luck!

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