John Cena Says Goodbye to WWE, Unveils Personal Facets

John Cena Bids Adieu

Hey, WWE fans! We have a big update regarding one of the most famous faces of WWE. Yes, we’re talking about our very own John Cena. After rocking the wrestling ring for a solid two decades, Cena recently made a major announcement. He’s retiring from his WWE career. That’s right, Cena’s decided to call it a day in WWE.

The Final Bow

Now for some more news. Cena won’t be vanishing right away from our sight. He plans to make his exit grand, with his swan song events being the Royal Rumble 2025 and the Elimination Chamber 2025. He’s as hyped for these battles as we are! But yes, he’s clarified that post these events, he’s done being a WWE competitor.

Cena’s Love for WWE Continues

Just because Cena has chosen to hang up his boots, it doesn’t mean he’s leaving WWE entirely behind. Nope! The WWE star expressed his enduring love for wrestling and assured his fans he’s still staying connected with WWE. However, his role will shift from being a performer to more of a cheerleader and spokesperson. He is super excited about this new journey. And we bet it’s going to be awesome!

Life Outside the Ring

Let’s switch gears and peep into Cena’s personal life a bit, shall we? Cena’s first walk down the aisle happened in 2009 with Elizabeth Huberdeau. Sadly, that love story ended in heartbreak after just three years. Following this, he found love once again in fellow WWE star Nikki Bella. Even though they got engaged in 2017, the relationship didn’t make it to the altar.

Then came the happy twist. While filming ‘Playing with Fire’ in 2019, Cena crossed paths with Shay Shariatzadeh, a professional engineer. The duo hit it off and soon fell in love. When Cena talks about Shay, it’s clear that he’s completely smitten. He’s made a special commitment to keep her safe from the prying eyes of his celebrity status. The couple got hitched the same year they met and have been enjoying marital bliss since then. A little nugget for you all – they first met at a bar in Vancouver, Canada, while watching a football game!

Legacy Lives On

Even though Cena would no longer be wrestling, his energy and spirit would continue to light up the WWE universe. His retirement is indeed the end of an era but his legacy will live on. Cena has left a path that many future wrestlers can follow to reach the pinnacle of success. As he writer his next chapter outside the ring, we are sure that Cena will continue to be a towering source of inspiration.

That’s a Wrap

So there you have it, folks. Our favourite wrestling superstar John Cena is bidding WWE adieu. His fans across the globe will cherish the electrifying moments he created in the ring. But rest easy. As Cena switches out the wrestling boots for a fan cap, his love for WWE remains unabated. As we eagerly await his final WWE matches, we also look forward to the next phase of Cena’s inspiring journey. Tune in to keep up with what’s happening in the WWE universe and Cena’s life beyond the ring!

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