Joy Behar Expresses Interest to Dabble in Uncharted Waters Post 90

A New View In Sight?

Joy Behar, the 81-year-old co-host of the popular talk show ‘The View’, has recently shared her thoughts about potentially experimenting with same-sex encounters once she crosses the age of 90. This surprising revelation came up during an intriguing chat with Sandra Bernhard and Judy Gold, both well-known lesbian comedians.

Introducing the Comedians

The comical duo, Bernhard and Gold, are the focal points of an exciting new Netflix documentary named “Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution.” The film brilliantly maps out the lives and careers of LGBTQ+ comedians, shedding light on their experiences and journeys.

Sharing Personal Glimpses

During their engaging conversation, both Bernhard and Gold opened up about their personal experiences while coming out. However, in a twist of events, Bernhard put Behar in the hot seat. She asked Behar if she’s ever had a liaison with a woman.

To this, Behar candidly responded, “No, but someday I will.” Following the interesting statement, she humorously added, “I’ll do it in my 90s.”

A Brush With the Unexpected

This playful idea isn’t entirely unheard of for Behar, who is no stranger to experimentation. She is well remembered for a magnetic moment with Oscar-winning actress, Jane Fonda, during the golden years of ‘The View’. The unexpected on-air make-out session continues to garner attention to this day.

Reflecting back on this memorable event, Behar humorously clarified her stance in a guest appearance on Meredith Vieira’s talk show in 2014. She teased Vieira by saying, “Listen, you’ve always been my lesbian lover. I don’t care Jane Fonda tried to take your place, it didn’t work. You’re it.”

Balancing Life With a Touch of Humor

Aligning on a more serious note, it’s worth noting that Behar has been happily married to her husband, Steve Janowitz, since 2011. The couple shares an interesting story, having met at a nudist resort way back in 1982. This intriguing mix of humor and frankness is undoubtedly part of the reason why so many viewers appreciate Behar’s candid style.

Looking Ahead

In a world that’s exotic and surprising at the best of times, Joy Behar’s jestful remarks about her future sex life adds her to the mix. At 81, Behar may have finished the bulk of her career, but she’s not done breaking norms and sticking it to age-old stereotypes. While it remains to be seen if Behar actually “takes a dip in the lady pond” in her 90s, one thing is clear: she’ll continue to have fun, grace screens, and approach life with a dash of humor, a sprinkle of frankness, and tons of vivacity. Her ability to speak her mind without hesitation has become a signature of her spunky character.

Similarly, with popular platforms like ‘The View’, she and others are opening up much-needed dialogues and squashing taboos. This maverick spirit, coupled with her ongoing commitment to bringing people of varying orientations and experiences to the limelight, is what makes Joy Behar a name to remember. Indeed, her situation serves as a reminder that while age is just a number, life is all about living to the fullest. Whether it’s exploring new avenues of sexual exploration or merely traversing unknown paths, the beauty is in the journey, not just the destination.

Behar’s honest and forward-looking approach radiates positivity and encourages everyone, young and old, to embrace life with all its possibilities and quirks. Through all the laughter and surprises, Behar’s story reaffirms that even in our later years, we can keep experiencing life in new and exciting ways. After all, doesn’t age theoretically offer the freedom to explore without the fear of judgement?

So, buckle up and take the ride of your life. You never know what curveballs it might throw at you, just as Joy Behar is preparing to embrace across the horizon.



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