Marvel Lovers Catch Sight of Eternals in Future Movies Through Viral Clip

Curious About Marvel’s Multiverse Saga? There’s a Video You Must See

If you are a Marvel fan, waiting eagerly for the grand finale of the Multiverse Saga, you are not alone. A fan-made video is doing the rounds, hinting at what a movie about the multiverse might look like.

This clip was created by a famous video editor known as @GuggaLeunnam. His video places the Eternals, a group of immortal aliens, in a prominent role, despite no hints from Marvel about this. The Eternals made their debut after the Infinity Saga ended.

A Video That Went Viral

How did this video become so popular? All it took was a tweet about using artificial intelligence in video editing. The video then got shared faster than the speed of light. It has already been seen by a whopping 2.4 million people on platform X and is still racking up views.

Eager to watch the full version? You can check it out on Leunnam’s YouTube channel titled ‘A Ride through the MCU Action Vol.6.’

Why Fans Love this Video

Here’s what’s unique about Leunnam’s video. It includes scenes from the fourth and fifth phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). High-definition action sequences from these films come alive in the video. It beautifully recaps recent happenings in the MCU.

Add to it a mix of familiar and new Avengers characters, and Leunnam’s video truly takes fans on a thrilling ride. With this, waiting for Avengers- Secret Wars is becoming even more challenging!

Audience Reactions

Fans are all praise for the video. People are amazed by the smooth transitions and the engaging story the clip tells. Many can’t stop complimenting Leunnam’s effort and dedication.

Some fans are also urging Marvel Studios to hire or collaborate with talented fan-editors like Leunnam. There is a strong belief that these editors, who understand fan sentiments closely, could add a lot more flavor to future movies.

Will Eternals Feature in Avengers- Secret Wars?

The Eternals movie didn’t set the cash registers ringing. But, fans believe the celestial beings could still play a crucial role in the multiverse story.

Fans recall that the film revealed the Eternals’ unique abilities, including the power to create a Uni-Mind and harness celestial energy. Some fans wonder if a reborn version of villain Kang could leverage this power to stage the Battleworld of Secret Wars.

Although the Eternals’ mediocre show might question their presence in future Marvel projects, fans remain hopeful.

Marvel- What’s Next?

While we don’t know yet about the Eternals’ role in Avengers- Secret Wars, you can view the Eternals and other MCU movies on Disney+.

The much-loved fan-made video has clearly stoked the excitement around the Multiverse Saga’s climax. Maybe it’s time for Marvel to listen to its fans, think creatively, and create a gripping grand finale that everyone will love.

In conclusion, the popularity of this fan-made video demonstrates the love fans have for the Marvel universe. While we wait for official updates, this video offers a glimpse into what might be in store, capturing fan expectations perfectly. Marvel has a hard act to follow, but given the fan loyalty, it’s an exciting time for everyone.

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