Miami Thinks Trades amid Roster Speculations: Eyeing DeRozan and Johnson?

Key Takeaways:

– The Miami Heat is yet to secure key players for its lineup in the ongoing free agency.
– Caleb Martin’s future with the team remains uncertain after opting out of his contract.
– The Heat exhibits interest in versatile players like Brooklyn Nets’ Cam Johnson and Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan.
– Potential trades in discussion involve players Tyler Herro and Terry Rozier.
– A possible deal for Johnson could be hindered due to his health history.

The NBA free agency period is in full swing, but there has not been any major movement from the Miami Heat regarding player additions. The team’s roster still has open spots, as questions linger around forward Caleb Martin’s future. Martin had opted out of his $7 million final year contract and is currently exploring free agency.

Heat’s Vigil for Versatile Players

The Heat weighs the possibility of acquiring a suitable replacement for Martin. The team needs a dynamic player making a mark as one of the league’s best frontcourt shooters. We are talking about a player who can prove a potent threat at power forward with a strong two-way, 3-point shooting skill. The Heat’s radar is trained on Brooklyn Nets stretch-4 Cam Johnson, who seems to be a perfect fit for this role.

Cam Johnson’s Expected Availability

Johnson, not a superstar but brilliant in his field, has impressive versatility which makes him a valuable asset in the contemporary NBA. With the Nets believed to be entering a rebuilding phase, Johnson might be up for trade. However, another potential attraction for the Heat is Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan. But acquiring DeRozan would require the Heat to shed some salary for a deal to follow.

Heat’s Potential Trades

The team’s situation over the NBA’s luxury tax first apron restricts them from executing sign-and-trade deals. And as they can only offer DeRozan a little more than the taxpayer midlevel exception, it seems a trade is the most probable route. The Heat can push for trades where salaries are matching within a 110% bracket. Johnson, with his shooting prowess, fits neatly into these conditions as the Heat needs somebody like him to boost its 3-pointer game.

Johnson shines for his ability to guard three positions without getting completely lost, which is an invaluable quality during the playoffs. However, concerns loom around Johnson’s health, who has faced a toll throughout his career.

The Health Factor

Johnson has a worrisome history of missing significant portions of seasons due to health issues. He only played 27% of possible games in his five NBA seasons. His recurrent toe injury and a previous meniscus surgery on the knee could discourage the Heat from pursuing him further.

Potential Packages for Johnson

If the Miami Heat intends to pitch for Johnson, they need to decide a suitable package. One possibility could be swapping Tyler Herro for Johnson, giving the Nets a younger scoring potential. Another option is trading Terry Rozier to the Nets, though it would necessitate at least one first-round pick, or even more.


Acquiring a player like Johnson, despite his health issues, could be a smooth move for the Heat. His shooting talent and defensive abilities would enhance the team, carving more space for stars like Jimmy Butler. Ultimately, the decision will define their course in the upcoming NBA season. The ball is now in their court.


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