New York Jets Eyeing Noah Fifita as Possible Successor to Aaron Rodgers

Key Takeaways:
– Pro Football Network’s mock draft anticipates the New York Jets selecting Noah Fifita as a potential successor to Aaron Rodgers.
– Despite limited physical attributes, Fifita has been praised for his smooth throwing and impressive velocity.
– Fifita’s development at Arizona Wildcats has proven to be promising with a notable performance in his first full college season.
– The New York Jets might have Jordan Travis as another possible long-term successor for Rodgers. However, uncertainties remain around his performance due to his past injury and overall capabilities.

Noah Fifita Projected as Future Jets QB

The New York Jets seem to have their eyes set on Arizona Wildcats’ quarterback, Noah Fifita. A recent 2025 mock draft by Pro Football Network sees the Jets taking a chance on Fifita. Despite being perceived as having lesser arm strength and size than typically desired, Fifita’s accurate throwing and ability to create impressive velocity have garnered much attention.

Although Fifita would need a development period, spending a couple of years under three-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) Aaron Rodgers could only benefit him. It’s not a bad idea for the jets to start considering long-term successors for Rodgers, especially after parting ways with Zach Wilson, the former No. 2 overall pick.

Noah Fifita’s Football Journey

The young quarterback, Fifita, hails from Anaheim, California. Even as a 3-star recruit from high school, he received offers from a couple of reputable in-state schools. Biut, Fifita chose to step out of his home state, deciding on the University of Arizona.

Fifita sat out his first season with the Wildcats, earning a redshirt status. But, he quickly managed to secure a starting position despite being a redshirt freshman. This move turned out well for the Wildcats, and Fifita was named the Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year.

Fifita’s first full season with Arizona saw him completing 72.4% of his passes, resulting in 2,869 yards, 25 touchdowns, and only six interceptions. Standing at 5-foot-11 and weighing in at 194 pounds, Fifita may not be the largest quarterback, but the talent around him and the potential of incoming transfers indicate a promising future.

The Jordan Travis Possibility

The New York Jets might already have identified a successor for Rodgers in Jordan Travis. However, the certainty of this remains unclear given Travis’ college career marked by a devastating leg injury. While Travis is expected to be fully recovered for the training camp, questions still linger about his performance as an NFL quarterback.

ESPN insider Rich Cimini warned Jets fans against pinning their hopes on Travis to succeed Rodgers, saying it was premature. Considering this, the Jets might not plan on having Travis as their frontline quarterback. In such a case, drafting a promising quarterback like Fifita in 2025 would make sense for the Jets.

While the Jets’ future decision remains uncertain, the possibility of Noah Fifita becoming a potential successor to Rodgers serves as an absorbing storyline heading into the 2025 draft. The young quarterback’s journey may just be beginning, but his potential is shining bright for the future of NFL football.


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