Phillies May Boost Outfield with an ‘Outrageous’ Trade: Jazz Chisholm Jr.

Key Takeaways:
– The Philadelphia Phillies might trade for Miami Marlins outfielder, Jazz Chisholm Jr., ahead of the July 30 trade deadline.
– Though unusual, this trade could provide a much-needed outfield reinforcement for the Phillies.
– Despite several injuries to key players in the Philly team, acquiring Chisholm could be a viable option.

Trade Buzz in Philly Baseball

There’s an exciting buzz in the world of baseball as we inch closer to the trade deadline on July 30th. The Philadelphia Phillies are rumored to possibly make a deal that could evidently strengthen their outfield. Could it be Miami Marlins’ outfielder Jazz Chisholm Jr.?

Bleacher Report’s Kerry Miller sure seems to think so! He recently came up with crazy, yet intriguing, trade schemes ahead of the deadline. One of them exists between none other than the Phillies and the Marlins. If all goes to plan, Jazz Chisholm Jr. could end up in the Phillies camp, while Marlins acquire Justin Crawford and Starlyn Caba from the rival team.

Why This Trade is a Big Deal

Why has this trade proposal raised eyebrows? It’s primarily because deals between division rivals are relatively rare. But there’s more to it.

Chisholm’s performance with the Marlins, albeit not his best, has been far more productive than the Philadelphia’s current outfield lineup. Moreover, he’ll still be under the Marlins’ control for two more seasons post this one, and his current earnings stand at a meager $2.6 million. This makes him an affordable and long-term solution to Philly’s outfield needs, which is crucial given their high payroll agenda for 2025.

The Boost Phillies Need

Despite Chisholm’s downplayed stats for the season, the left-handed hitter would undeniably be a noteworthy addition to the Phillies. His record for the season boasts of 10 home runs, 12 doubles, 39 RBI, 36 runs scored, and 14 steals through 336 plate appearances. While it’s a little behind compared to his 2022 All-Star campaign mark, it’s still a commendable score.

The Phillies’ outfield performance this season sorely needs a boost, given their below-standard combined hit rate and OPS rank of 23rd in baseball. The addition of Jazz Chisholm Jr. could significantly elevate these numbers.

Facing an Injury Dilemma

The Phillies are indeed battling a storm. Three of their esteemed players are currently on the injured list. Catcher J.T. Realmuto is recovering from knee surgery. Kyle Schwarber and Bryce Harper, designated hitter and first baseman respectively, have been benched due to their strained muscles.

This is a vulnerable situation for any team, having to replace key contributors like these three. However, it strongly highlights the urgent need for the Phillies to strengthen their roster before July 30. This is where Chisholm’s addition to the team would make a sizeable difference, given his fruitful production, affordable contract, and flexible defensive game.

While there’s no official word on these ‘outrageous’ trade proposals, one thing is for certain – the incredible shake-up it would bring to the trade deadline. Whether the Phillies bag Chisholm or not, we truly are on the edge of our seats waiting for the July 30 deadline!



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