Police Rescue 36 Pets, Arrest Resident in Inhumane Animal Hoarding Case

A Harrowing Discovery

In a shocking turn of events, police officers of South New Jersey recently stumbled upon a horrifying case of animal hoarding. The tragic episode transpired in Galloway Township, where law enforcement officers found and rescued an alarming total of seven dogs and twenty-nine cats.

Fostered in Foul Conditions

Acting on tip-offs about cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, officers obtained a warrant and led a search operation in Atlantic City. The event unfolded at a residence located on the 300 block of Cresson Avenue. As per primary reports, the house was considerably unfit for habitation. Local outlet BreakingAC cited a probable cause affidavit which revealed that the dwelling was blanketed with animal excreta and urine.

Tragic Loss of Lives

Aside from a severe disregard for hygiene, the law’s long arm discovered an even grimmer situation. Inside the house, there weren’t just neglected live animals. They found deceased pets – two dogs, an adult cat, and four kittens, all kept inside a freezer, highlighting the dismal conditions these creatures had been enduring.

A Rescued Bunch

While the environ was undoubtedly deplorable, many of the animals were found alive but in distressing conditions. Almost all the surviving pets had fleas, evident signs of neglect. A host of them had several injuries like open sores and cuts, exposing them to the risk of infections.

The Individual Behind the Cruelty

The homeowner, identified as Nancy Santos, age 57, was found culpable for the tragic situation. She was promptly taken into custody by the Galloway Township Police Department. With 43 counts of animal neglect charged against her, Nancy was sent to the Atlantic County Justice Facility to await a legal hearing.

A Coordinated Rescue Operation

The rescue operation, conducted on Monday, was not an individual effort. In fact, it required significant contributions from several organizations committed to animal welfare. Esteemed names like Kimmy’s Safe Haven Rescue, The Atlantic County Animal Shelter, and A-Academy Animal Control participated in the rescue and fostered the rescued animals. We owe a nod of appreciative respect to these exemplars of compassion in action.

A Violation of Animal Rights

New Jersey’s comprehensive animal cruelty laws strictly prohibit pet owners from neglecting their duties towards their animal companions. Necessary care must be provided to all living creatures in custody. Failing to attend to their needs, as was the case in this ghastly incident, is a gross violation of these provisions.

Final Thoughts

If nothing else, this horrific incident serves as a stark reminder of the grave responsibility pet ownership brings along. It is imperative for prospective pet owners to understand and respect this commitment. One can only hope that this incident does not repeat, and the rescued animals find better homes where they are loved and cared for as they deserve.


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