Protocol-7 Film, Directed by Andrew Wakefield and Cast by Michael Druck, Set for LA Premiere

New Buzz in Hollywood – Protocol-7

An up and coming movie named Protocol-7 is creating quite a buzz in the film world. This highly-anticipated flick was skillfully directed by Andrew Wakefield accompanied by the genius writing of Terry Rossio. The real cherry on top is the brilliant casting, thanks to the talents of Michael Druck. You may know Druck’s work from his collaborations with popular directors like Richard Linklater and Nia DaCosta.

Headlining the Cast of Protocol-7

The star-studded cast of the film Protocol-7 includes familiar faces like Eric Roberts, Matthew Marsden, and Rachel Whittle. Rising actress Maya Koshaba also secured a vital supportive part in the movie.

Premiere Dates That You Don’t Want to Miss

If you’re wondering where to catch the premiere of this promising film, mark your calendars for June 14. The movie will hold its premiere at the Laemmle Royal Theatre in Los Angeles. Prior to that, the movie will make its debut in New York City on May 31 and then head to the Texas Spirit Theater in Austin, Texas on June 7.

A Little Peek Into the Heart and Soul of Protocol-7

We’re not just talking about another movie here. Protocol-7 is a film that promises a deeply moving cinematic experience. Combining the skills of producers Joey Vasatka and Brian Wendel and the dynamic cast handpicked by Druck, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss.

A Word From Michael Druck

Druck has gone on record saying he’s proud to have had a hand in casting all roles in this film. He’s particularly thrilled that the project pays equal attention to both main and underdog performers. According to Druck, what matters most is casting the right person for each role, not necessarily the biggest name out there.

Getting to Know Maya Koshaba

Maya Koshaba, a rising talent with a bicoastal background, will also be in attendance at the Protocol-7 premieres with Druck. Maya, who plays School Nurse Rosanna in the film, shared that serving this story was quite an incredible experience.

Protocol-7 – Not Just for Entertainment

The aim of Protocol-7 is far from just providing entertainment. It seeks to share real, relatable life experiences on screen, connecting with viewers on both local and global levels. It’s also aimed at leaving a mark through the compelling story of a mother’s love.

Discover the Backstory of Protocol-7

The background story of Protocol-7 focuses on a small-town lawyer, Lexi, who is dealing with a personal crisis. She uncovers and seeks to combat a huge corporate fraud when her adopted son begins to show severe regression. Intriguingly, the story is inspired by real-life whistleblower events and focuses on Lexi’s fight to hold a powerful corporation responsible for its actions.

About Michael Druck

Renowned for his hands-on approach in the industry and ability to discover new talent, Michael Druck is a highly-regarded casting director. Druck, a member of the Casting Society of America, has cast roles for various big-name networks such as Netflix and Hulu. He’s also had his hand in over 500 commercials for high-profile companies including Amazon and Coca Cola.

Meet Maya Koshaba

Maya Koshaba is no ordinary actress. With her half Hispanic and Middle Eastern American heritage, she perfectly matches multi-cultural characters. Her background and life experiences, combined with her training and acting skills, give her unique flavor and authenticity in her roles.

To Wrap Up

Protocol-7 is set to inspire and captivate audiences across the globe. The movie not only shines a spotlight on the film industry’s new talents but it also carries a meaningful story that resonates with every viewer. Don’t miss the premieres and look forward to a roller coaster of emotions and nail-biting scenes with Protocol-7.

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