Ridley Scott Pines for Lost ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Opportunity

Ridley Scott, A Stalwart of the Film Industry

Ridley Scott, widely known as a titan of many iconic Hollywood franchises, recently opened up about his missed opportunity. In his heart, there is a pang of regret for not directing ‘Blade Runner 2049.’

The Original and The Sequel

Scott spun a sensational masterpiece with the original ‘Blade Runner.’ However, when the time came for its sequel, he was far too engaged with another mammoth project, ‘Alien: Covenant.’ Thus, the reins of ‘Blade Runner 2049′ landed in the hands of Denis Villeneuve. Despite being critically acclaimed, the sequel didn’t mirror this success at the box office, which dash hopes for future sequels. Yet, all is not lost for Blade Runner fans! A new TV series, ‘Blade Runner 2099,’ is on the horizon. Amazon Prime Video will host this series and Scott is all set to sprinkle his magic as an executive producer.

Denis Villeneuve’s Experience with Sequels

While Scott rues his decision of passing the ‘Blade Runner 2049′ baton, Villeneuve’s perspective on directing sequels to another’s work is quite different. ‘Blade Runner 2049′ was an uphill challenge for Villeneuve, who referred to it as his “love letter to the first film.” Despite the immense striving it demanded, Villeneuve acknowledged its value. However, this experience has not whetted his appetite for directing sequels to others’ creations. In his own words, “I still wake up sometimes at night, saying, ‘Why did I do that?’”

Ridley Scott: The Master of Franchises

Scott is revered in Hollywood for his knack in shaping large franchises, one of them being ‘Alien.’ After directing the first ‘Alien’ movie, Scott wasn’t invited back for its sequels. Talking about this, Scott said, “I’m the author of two franchises.” He went on to explain exactly why he chose to leave the ‘Alien’ franchise after his second movie. Despite the hiatus between his involvement with ‘Alien,’ Scott later resumed his role as director in ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Alien: Covenant.’ The franchise now looks forward to its future under the direction of Fede Álvarez with the upcoming ‘Alien: Romulus.’

Final Thoughts

Peeking into the world of Hollywood, it is evident that franchises offer a unique brew of challenges and opportunities for creators. As Scott takes a moment to ponder on his journey, we can’t help but wonder about a different version of ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ if he had chosen to direct it. Despite past regrets and upheavals, the ‘Blade Runner’ saga has a promising future with the incoming TV series, ‘Blade Runner 2099.’ Would you have opted for Ridley Scott to direct ‘Blade Runner 2049?’ We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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