Sneak Peek at James Gunn’s Superman: Squirrel Hero and Costume Cliffhangers

Who’s ready for a movie spoiler? We’ve got leaked photos from the set of James Gunn’s upcoming Superman film! Exciting, right? Wait till you see what’s in the snaps.

Surprise On-Set Visitor: A Squirrel Superhero?

So, fans have been buzzing about shots snapped from outdoor filming in Cleveland, Ohio. In the snaps, you can spot a cute little squirrel hanging out with Superman. But here’s the twist – it’s not just any squirrel! Fans think it might be Ch’p from the Green Lantern Corps.

Meet Ch’p: More than Just a Squirrel

If you’re scratching your head, wondering who Ch’p is, don’t worry. Ch’p is like your neighborhood squirrel on a diet of superhero steroids. This character straight from the Green Lantern Corps comic books looks like an earth squirrel but has powers far beyond normal. And get this…Ch’p even managed to beat Superman using his tiny power ring in one of the Injustice comic books!

Fan Reactions: Excitement, Confusion, and Everything in Between

Reactions to these leaked photos are all over the place. While some are excited and curious, others are left scratching their heads. Some fans are confident James Gunn can turn a squirrel into a rising star, just like he did with Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy. Regardless of the confusion, one thing’s clear: all the speculation is ramping up the excitement for the film’s release.

Whose Sponsoring the Super Suits?

In other news, earlier leaks unveiled some baggy costumes that Superman and his sidekicks are expected to wear. These outfits caused quite a stir, with folks saying they look too much like the ones from the CW/DC Universe shows. But here’s an interesting tidbit: the costumes have the Lord Tech logo on them. Could Maxwell Lord, a character in the film, be sponsoring the superheroes?

James Gunn and the Inevitability of Leaks

When asked about the flood of leaked photos, James Gunn didn’t seem too phased. He sees it as a natural part of making movies, especially when they’re shooting in broad daylight. It’s tough to prevent leaks, but all this chatter and speculation? It’s all part of the buzz leading up to the big release.

Waiting for the Big Reveal

With the movie’s release date set for July 26, 2024, fans are all geared up to see what surprises Gunn’s Superman has in store. The costume debates and rumors about a squirrel superhero are only adding to the anticipation. We’re eager to see how it all plays out on the big screen. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for more leaks and updates!

So, are you thrilled about the potential appearance of Ch’p? Will the new costumes become fan-favorites? There’s a lot to unpack here and plenty of wild guesses to make as we wait impatiently for the official release.

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