Star Trek Legend William Shatner on Show’s Journey and His Future Part

Celebrating Star Trek and its Journey

William Shatner, a Star Trek Legend, recently blessed fans with his thoughts on the evolution of this epic series. At 93, the man still has a lot to share about this franchise’s journey – it is one that he significantly influenced when he portrayed the fearless Captain James T. Kirk.

Shatner’s Thoughts on the Old Star Trek

In a recent interview, he shared that Gene Roddenberry, the original creator of Star Trek, might be shocked at the series’ changes over the past years. Roddenberry, a former military and law enforcement guy, set strict rules for the original Star Trek. He provided a disciplined approach to running a spaceship and stopped any romantic relationships among crew members.

Modern Star Trek: How Things Have Changed

Shatner voiced that the current Star Trek seems to have forgotten these rules, leading to a changed depiction of relationships and spaceship operations. He humorously hinted that too many changes could have Roddenberry spinning in his resting place.

Will Shatner Return to the Star Trek Universe?

Fans might be wondering if they’d see their beloved Captain Kirk, played by Shatner, once again. Well, Shatner didn’t close this door! He mentioned that if the role was substantial and well-written, he might consider. Age has become less of an issue with the recent developments in de-aging technology in Hollywood. The idea of preserving Kirk’s brain for future use in the series also tickles his fancy. Despite Captain Kirk’s fall in Star Trek Generations back in 1994, Shatner’s comeback would give an exciting twist to fans.

Shatner’s Ongoing Influence in the Star Trek Universe

Even though it’s been 30 years since Shatner graced a live-action Star Trek film, he is still part of the Star Trek world. His persona has been in various mediums like video games. He continues to influence Star Trek, providing a riveting look at the show’s evolution and even a fun hint of a possible return.

Look to the Future

For now, fans and followers can only eagerly await news of Shatner’s return as Captain Kirk. In the meantime, they can enjoy watching the Star Trek narrative continue to change in future versions. Plus, they can relive the magic of the original Star Trek series, available on Paramount+.

To Sum It Up

Shatner’s unique insights into the evolution of Star Trek are fascinating. He shared his thoughts about the franchise’s past and future, from its militaristic roots to its more liberal current depiction. Moreover, he tantalizingly kept open the door to a return as Captain Kirk. Now we – the fans – can only anxiously wait and see what the future holds for Star Trek. In the meantime, Star Trek is available to stream and continues to evolve, delighting new viewers and old fans alike.

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