Star Wars’ Acolyte Features Manny Jacinto as Sinister Sith Master

New Kid on the Star Wars Block: The Acolyte

The Acolyte is the latest show to hit the Star Wars universe, and it’s all set to wow fans with its stunning storyline and enthralling characters. The series, airing on Disney+, takes us back in time to about 100 years before The Phantom Menace. It’s a glimpse into the closing chapters of the High Republic era.

The Unexpected Twists of Acolyte’s Fifth Episode

Now, let’s talk about the shocker that episode five dropped on us. Manny Jacinto, playing the character Qimir, was revealed to be the Sith Master known as The Stranger. Who’d have thought that Mae’s (Amandla Stenberg) friendly companion would turn out to be the villain behind the gruesome deaths of multiple Jedis?

Elden Ring Inspires the Making of Qimir

In a chat with Inverse, Leslye Headland, the series director, spilled the beans on the creation of Qimir. Drawing inspiration from the action role-playing game Elden Ring (developed by FromSoftware), Qimir’s villainous attire came to life. It wasn’t the kind of inspiration you’d expect though – it was all about his outfit!

Creating a distinct Sith character is no child’s play, especially given the high standards already set in the Star Wars galaxy. Initially dismissed, the first sketch of Qimir’s outfit, which prominently highlights Jacinto’s arms, got approved only after it came to life at the screen test.

Qimir’s Attire: Game-Inspired and Armor-Free

Nicknamed “The Elden Bling”, Elden Ring’s costume concept is adopted by Headland for characters that wear little or no armor. Carrying the game’s ethos forward, Qimir too sports a freer style. His Cortosis ore helmet ends up being the standout piece in his attire, sparking discussion among fans questioning the lack of any substantial armor.

Dealing with Criticism & Meeting Expectations

Acolyte faced flak when fans read between the lines and saw a possible queer relationship between Mother Aniseya and Mother Koril, merely because of Headland’s sexual orientation. Headland, making a groundbreaking move as the first openly queer individual steering a major Star Wars series, squashed these rumors. She explained that the close bond between the two was a natural outcome of a matriarchal society devoid of males.

The Acolyte’s Ride to Stardom

Star Wars continues to attract audiences worldwide with its imaginative universe and enchanting characters. The Acolyte is no exception. This series has stirred up quite a buzz with its evolving narratives and engaging character arcs.

Amidst the controversies, Star Wars’ allure remains unchanged. Fans can enjoy the new series The Acolyte currently hosted on Disney+. Ready to embark on an interstellar adventure? Then join Qimir and his elusive outfit in the expansive world of Star Wars universe.

Star Wars isn’t just about grand spaceships and cool lightsabers. It’s about captivating stories and characters that defy expectations, just like The Acolyte does. So, get ready to immerse yourself into this new chapter of the eternal Star Wars narrative.

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