Star Wars’ Finn: A Look at John Boyega’s Character

A New Role in a Fabled Galaxy

In 2015, moviegoers got introduced to a fresh face in the Star Wars world. John Boyega joined the sequel trilogy as a leading character named Finn. Right from the start, fans saw something special in Finn. He wasn’t just any stormtrooper, he had a conscience, something that set him apart from the rest. This made fans intrigued about his journey throughout the sequel.

Reality vs Expectations – Finn’s Journey

Audiences from around the globe were thrilled at the idea of this stormtrooper named Finn, potentially having an exciting character change. Boyega held their expectations high with his exceptional performance. However, as the trilogy progressed, many fans felt their hopes crashing down. The potential Finn showed seemed underplayed, and fans voiced that he should’ve had a more powerful story.

Boyega’s Passion Adds to Disappointment

Adding to these unmet expectations was Boyega’s energy and passion for his character. Viewers saw the thrill in his eyes when he held a lightsaber or battled in space. This enthusiasm made fans believe, even more, that Finn’s path should have been much more impactful.

Was Finn’s Character Missed Out?

Fans vented their frustrations online, with many tweets criticising the underutilization of Finn’s character. Some expressed their grief over the lost chance to expand Finn into a high-ranking figure, perhaps even a Jedi.

Could Finn Have Been the Main Character?

The Star Wars sequel had a powerful lineup of leading characters, including Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) and Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver). Fans had hoped to see Finn shine amongst these stars. They argued that if Finn had been framed as the primary hero or even made into a Jedi, it could have given the narrative a refreshing twist and a possibly meatier storyline.

Sequel Trilogy Faces Criticism

Fans didn’t hold back their criticism surrounding the development of Finn’s character in The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. They felt that these movies downplayed Finn’s potential compared to Rey or Kylo Ren.

Boyega Shares Fan’s Disappointment

Interestingly, it wasn’t just the fans who felt let down. John Boyega himself expressed his disappointment with how Finn was portrayed. He believed that the majority of the deeper storylines were given to his co-stars, Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver.

Looking Back at Finn’s Journey

As fans revisit the Star Wars sequel trilogy, the heated debate over Finn continues. There is a mixture of love for the character and disappointment at the underutilization of his potential. Finn’s journey in Star Wars is one filled with hope that gradually turned into missed opportunities.

Despite this, the conversations about Boyega’s character and the trajectory of his journey are far from over. While fans may not be able to rewrite Finn’s storyline in the sequels, their love for the character and for the Star Wars universe continues unabated. In the end, it is clear that Finn’s story in the Star Wars saga will remain a much-debated topic for years to come.

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