Stephen King’s Spooky Story that Even Scared Him

It’s common knowledge that Stephen King is the master of horror stories. His scary tales have sent chills running down the spines of people worldwide. However, did you know that even the horror genius himself had a horror idea too terrifying even for him? Yes, you read it right! Here’s a look at King’s chilling tale that was too spooky even for its creator.

Scary Plot with a Twist

Back in 1995, the renowned author hinted at a spooky plot during a chat with famous TV host Conan O’Brien. It centered on a couple waiting to fly from Denver’s Stapleton Airport. Out of nowhere, the lady vanishes after entering the airport’s women’s restroom. What’s even weirder is that she never comes out!

As the worried husband waits and as time ticks by, more women enter the restroom but don’t leave. They simply disappear one after the other, leaving behind anxious partners in a grim situation. Eventually, this mysterious event grabs the attention of both law enforcement and the state militia.

A Fearful Mystery

Now isn’t that a classic Stephen King plot? Mysterious with an edgy progression designed to make your heartbeat race – it’s his trademark way of storytelling. However, the real horror isn’t the woman or the other ladies disappearing. It’s not even the anxiety building in the unsuspecting husband or the coming of the police. It’s the chilling fact that King couldn’t provide a resolution to the mystery. The question of what was happening inside the restroom scared him too much to finish the story.

Some might say this unfinished story might have been a scarier successor to his famous novel ‘The Shining.’ However, the idea remained in the realm of King’s dark, creative mind, never seeing the light of day.

The Importance of Author Recognition

While this story may be incomplete and undeveloped, it’s worth noting King’s stance on author recognition. The enigmatic novelist, whose works have been transformed into many thrilling TV shows and movies, always emphasizes the necessity of authors getting their dues.

In his chat with Deadline, he talks briefly about wanting authors to have a say in screenwriting, directing, and casting choices for any adaptations of their books. This statement comes following his dissatisfaction with Stanley Kubrick’s movie version of ‘The Shining.’ King claimed that the character of Jack Torrance didn’t undergo the same internal struggle portrayed in his novel. King regretted how the gripping portrayal of a man losing his sanity didn’t quite make it to the big screen, causing Torrance’s character depth and subsequent sorrow to be lost.

Despite these differences, viewers still find ‘The Shining’ horribly scary. The movie is available on Max for those who dare to watch!

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you settle down to read a Stephen King horror novel or watch one of his thrillers, remember that even the beyond-talented horror genius himself was afraid to finish a story. It’s a fun fact most fans don’t know about!

The story that was too hair-raising for King remains the chilling reminder that even the masters of the genre aren’t immune to a good scare. This goes to show that anyone, not even a horror maestro like King himself, is exempt from the power of fear. After all, isn’t it the thrill of being scared that makes us love horror stories so much? No one knows this better than Stephen King.

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