Why Keeping Biden is the Democrats’ Best Bet

A Look at Political Predictions and the Democrats’ Chance at the White House

Why Did Biden’s Performance Spark Criticism?
Critics, including those from the New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution, have suggested that the Democratic Party replace Joe Biden with a younger candidate following his recent debate performance. Predictions have been made that by swapping out Biden, the Democratic Party could be leading themselves to defeat, hence reelecting Donald Trump.

The Reality Behind Predictions

Predictions have long been a part of politics; in fact, elections are often won or lost on the strength of a party’s predictions. However, it’s important to remember that these predictions aren’t always accurate. The critics making these allegations, for example, have no notable record of correctly forecasting presidential outcomes. I would also like to clarify that I’m not a neurologist, and hence, not entitled to make judgments on Biden’s mental health. Instead, I aim to focus only on the political implications of replacing Biden.

Why Biden Might Be the Best Choice

The 13 Keys to the White House, a successful presidential election prediction system, suggests that Biden’s campaign plays a crucial role in securing the Democrats’ win. Two out of these thirteen keys pertain to the incumbency and the internal party contest, both which Biden satisfies. To predict the Democrats’ defeat, Biden would have to lose six of the remaining eleven keys. If Biden were to step down, the Democrats could possibly lose these advantageous keys, thereby needing to only lose another four keys to predict their defeat.

The Uncertain Keys for Democrats

Currently, Democrats are down two keys: the mandate key due to midterm losses in the last U.S. House elections, and the incumbent charisma key because Biden might not be as inspirational as political giants like Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan. Unsettled keys include third-party challenges, social unrest, and foreign/military failures or successes. For Democrats to be predicted to lose, all four keys would need to fall.

Looking Back at History

History provides us insights that replacing Biden could lead to the replication of the political conditions of 2016 that led to President Trump’s election. Since the 20th century, five situations have occurred where no incumbent ran with an uncertain nomination: The White House party lost each time. It’s worth remembering, debates don’t always define election outcomes.

Past Elections Teach Us Lessons

In 2016, despite facing backlash due to the infamous “Access Hollywood” incident, and amid predictions of Hillary Clinton’s win, Trump prevailed – like The Keys had predicted. Recalling this memory serves as a reminder that when the incumbent party is unified behind the president seeking reelection, they typically achieve victory, except on occasions with economic recessions.

The Prescriptions have no Validity

The offerings of critic’s advice are like tea leaves readings – ambiguous and unreliable. Historical trends indicate that a united party with a president seeking reelection wins. The Democrats ought to resist the urge to replace Biden and repeat the 2016 scenario which led to Trump’s election.

In short, I concur with the British philosopher David Hume’s advice where advice with no basis should be disregarded. United parties with an incumbent president have historically won elections. Replacing Biden could lead to the Democrats experiencing a repeat of the 2016 election. To keep the White House, Democrats must rally behind Biden and resist re-creating past conditions that led to their defeat.


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