HMD Announces the Release of Nokia 6

As Apple’s iPhone continues to dominate smartphones and Google’s Pixel is slowly inching into the industry, HMD Global announces their very first Nokia smartphone, Nokia 6.

HMD announced the news after securing brand licensing agreement in 2016. The company will exclusively launch the the new Nokia 6 smartphone in China. The company calls the new smartphone as a step into a new design and standard for the brand.

China Smartphone
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HONG KONG – CIRCA FEBRUARY, 2015: People traveling in the subway and actively use smartphones. Metro aka MRT is the most popular form of public transport in Hong Kong. (DoublePHOTO studio /

HMD explains that they will combine quality and durability to “deliver a real-life premium smartphone experience.” HMD argues their decision to deliver a smartphone for China was due to the growing smartphone audience. The company explains that they expect the Chinese smartphone users will grow to more than 593 million users and it is “strategically important market where premium design and quality is highly valued by consumers.”

According to the press release, the company explains it takes less than an hour to make a single Nokia 6 from a single block of aluminum. In turn, the final processing of the product takes 10 hours and each phone is polished several times over. Ultimately, the Finnish company explains that the final product is the “highest level of visual and structural quality.”

Stock Photo: DECEMBER 2013 – BERLIN: the logo of the brand “Nokia”, Berlin.

The new Nokia 6 will feature a 5.5″ full HD screen encased in Gorilla Glass. In addition, the mobile phone features 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage to run the latest Android software, Nougat. Not to mention, Nokia 6’s amplifiers are expected to deliver an even louder sound. The new smartphone will also feature a 16MP auto rear focus camera and an 8MP front camera along with a f/2.0 aperture lenses. HMD also boasts of new user-interface featuring “automatic scene” detection.

In the press release, HMD Global’s CEO, Arto Nummela, explained that they worked hard to position their self as a contender in the mobile phone industry. “The Nokia 6 is a result of listening to our consumers who desire a beautifully crafted handset with exceptional durability, entertainment and display features.”

What is HMD Global?

The Finnish Company was first created last May 2016. The company develops devices under the “Nokia” brand after signing a major licensing agreement. The company makes and creates smartphones. In addition, HMD is the exclusive license owner of the Nokia brand.