News Broadcast Accidentally Orders Dollhouses Thanks to Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa was so popular that sales increased by 900%. In fact, the product was so well-liked among holiday shoppers that the e-commerce giant had trouble successfully filling orders. But, new Amazon Alexa users may need to pay closer attention to their new toy.

Earlier this week, San Diego station CW6 aired a broadcast about a child ordering a doll house through her family’s Amazon Echo. However, CW6 reported many people complained that their Alexa device ordered dollhouses following the news report.

How did this happen? Well, the CW6 TV anchor said, “I love the little girl, saying ‘Alexa ordered me a dollhouse.'”

This resulted in Alexas in the San Diego area listening to the news report and ordering dollhouses without their owner’s permission.

Amazon box
Stock Photo: PARIS, FRANCE – JAN 28, 2016: Amazon Prime logotype printed on cardboard box side seen from above on a wooden parquet floor. Amazon is an American electronic e-commerce company distribution worldwide (Hadrian /

Amazon responded by warning users to turn off the ability to purchase items via voice or requiring a specific code to confirm purchases. In addition, Amazon explains that accidental orders can also be returned for free.

What is Alexa?

Amazon’s Alexa is expanding in the tech industry. Amazon’s Echo and Dot are voice-controlled devices that can respond to user’s voice commands. Some of the commands allow for Alexa to answer questions, control lights, and other actions. But, since the release of the Internet of Things device, more and more companies are partnering with Amazon.

Last week, Amazon partnered with ADT to deliver home security. The company explained that a new ADT Pulse update will allow for Alexa-enabled devices such as the Echo and Dot to use voice commands to secure their home.

It’s clear that the Internet of Things product is growing rapidly. The company explained that there were so many Amazon Echo and Dot sales that the company could not maintain inventory as sales increased nine-fold during the holidays.


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