Study: Going to The Bar Maybe Good For Your Health

A new study by researchers at Oxford University have found going to the bar may actually be good for your health.

Published in the journal of “Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology”, Oxford University scientists discovered that a few drinks at the bar may actually improve an individual’s well being. Why? Researchers argue that going to the bar improves social interactions.

Oxford University
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A national survey by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) found that people who have a local bar that they visit regularly are more likely to feel socially engaged and happy. In addition, they are more likely to trust other people in their area. Meanwhile, those who did not have a local pub had fewer friends and problems with trusting others in their community.

Oxford scientists also found that people who visit local pubs engage in more meaningful conversations by socializing in smaller groups.

Robin Dunbar, the lead researcher in the study explained that visiting a local pub can have a direct impact on how many friends they may have. Also, it can affect how they engage with others in their community, which can change “how satisfied they feel in life.”

Colin Valentine of CAMRA’s National Chairman asserted that personal happiness is extremely important not only to each person but, a community as whole. In addition, Valentine argues that everyone should find a ‘local’ area to hang out.

But, before you run to your local pub and grab a beer and several shots. A recent study published just last week found alcohol consumption was linked to heart attacks. In fact, researchers found alcohol abuse led to a 230% increased risk of congestive heart failure.