You Can Now Book an Uber with Google Maps

Getting an Uber has just gotten a lot easier.

Google is not only working on self-driving cars, the company is also making it easier for people to use ride-sharing services via their Maps app.

On Thursday, Google announced on their website a new ride services mode on the Google Maps app. The company explains that the new feature will make it more easier for people to get to where they need to go.

The new features include a carousel that features several different ride options and more information. In fact, the new feature will include a map featuring all of the ride service providers in the area. Along with a list of promotions and special offers.

In addition, Google announced Uber riders can book a ride through the Google Maps app. After an Uber user logs into their account, they can book an Uber, track the driver on the map, and connect with the driver from within the Google Maps app. Moreover, Google Maps update also allows for Uber rides to look up information about their destination along the way.

Google has been actively working on the Google Maps application to enhance the utility of the application by providing more features that other direction software apps do not have. For example, earlier this year Google Maps allowed for Google Maps users to book reservations and even schedule fitness classes via the the app.

Uber is also actively working on their business model. Earlier this week, Uber released a new website called Movement. Uber Movement’s opens the company’s private data information to researchers, city officials, and educational institutions to help construct better urban planning models, which might just work. Earlier this month, MIT researchers found that 98% of New York City taxis could be replaced with 3,000 four passenger cars powered by ride-sharing apps such as Uber.