As Donald Trump Becomes President, U.S. Interest in Canadian Real Estate Rises

Canada’s real estate provider, Royal LePage, announced on Friday that American interest in Canadian real estate has surged following the U.S. Presidential Election that named Donald Trump the next president of the United States.

Researchers analyzed web traffic to the Royal LePage and linked recent U.S. political events with the rise in traffic. In fact, traffic increased by 329% following the day after the election and continued to increase by 210% the week after Donald Trump’s victory. In addition, in November U.S. traffic grew by 73%.

In addition, Royal LePage explains that after surveying real estate advisors, 39.5% of those surveyed in the study predict that American interest into Canadian real estate market will continue to rise.

Phil Soper, President and CEO of Royal LePage explains, “The United States was already a top source for immigration into Canada, and now in the period following the recent U.S. election, we are witnessing a material bump in American interest in Canadian real estate.”

Soper added, “With our country’s ever-growing global reputation as a financially sound, happy and culturally tolerant place to raise a family, it is not surprising that interest has moved from a place to play, to a potential place to live and work.”

So what’s the most popular place in Canada that Americans are interested in moving to? LePage explains that Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec were the most popular areas especially in residential areas.

But, America’s interest in Canadian real estate is not the only thing surging. According to a report by the Observer, business at a Apex Capital Firm, a firm specializing in helping people obtain citizenship in different countries, has increased by 1900% since Donald Trump was elected. The firm’s president Nuri Katz explained that business has remained steady following the election even though he first thought it was a “knee-jerk reaction” for many unhappy people.