Google Home Now Works with Vizio SmartCast Devices

It is clear that the Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly gaining popularity and steam in the tech industry. It is evident with Amazon’s announcement that their Echo and Dot product sales increased over 900% over the holidays. In addition, Microsoft and Google’s decisions to implement new Internet of Things products in the upcoming years illustrates the rise of IoT devices.

One of Google’s most popular Internet of Things product is the Google Home. The virtual assistant product has the ability to answer questions, order products, and search. Now, the Google Home can connect with Vizio SmartCast.

In an announcement by Vizio, Google Home users can control their Vizio SmartCast TV, speakers, and other Vizio Smartcast devices. All a Google Home user has to do is use simple voice commands. For example, a Google Home user can just say, “Ok Google” followed by the song they would like to hear and the song will be played on their SmartCast device.

Matt McRae, VIZIO’s Chief Technology Officer, explained that controlling VIZIO SmartCast devices from a Google Home is a major accomplishment for consumers allowing them to manage and control their entertainment. “Using a simple voice command to stream a movie from Netflix to a VIZIO display or stream music from Spotify to a group of VIZIO speakers is an eye-opening experience and shows off the power of VIZIO SmartCast.”

The rise of the Internet of Things devices does come with some mistakes. Following Amazon’s rise in Alexa sales, one news report caused an increase in dollhouse orders. San Diego station CW6 reported a story about a child ordering a doll house through her family’s Amazon Echo. However, many viewers watching the news report complained that their IoT device ordered dollhouses after their device overheard the Alexa voice command.

Currently, there are 7 billion Internet of Things devices in the world and according to tech research firm Gartner, that number is expected to more than triple in the next three years.