United Airlines Goes Viral For Not Allowing Passengers to Board with Leggings

If something awful, questionable, or upsetting happens in the age of social media, it can quickly go viral. The latest backlash that has gone viral today on the internet had a lot to do with pants and airplanes.

The story centers around two girls and United Airlines’ decision to kick passengers off of a flight over their attire.

Several people tweeted their surprise and concern over an incident where to United passengers were barred from their Minneapolis-bound flight over their leggings.

How did United defend the issue? The airline explained the company has the right to refuse service to customers’ they believe are dress inappropriately.

United Airlines response did not sit over well with people on Twitter.

What is considered inappropriate is largely subjective and is difficult to explain in a set of rules and regulations. Anyone that has gone a flight has seen a wide array of outfits, especially considering how strenuous it can be to walk through airplane security. The issue quickly caught the attention of celebrities including Sarah Silverman, Patricia Arquette and Chrissy Teigen.

United took to Twitter to stress that they have the right to refuse a customer’s service over what they believe is inappropriate for travel. While the company is correct for having a set of standards, it leaves open a pandora’s box of what is and what is not acceptable for travel. Now the airline is forced to addressed the issue of clothing before every passenger boards a flight.