Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Man Down’ Movie Only Sold One Ticket in the UK

Shia LaBeouf is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He has starred in Transformers and is found in some of the biggest and even sometimes most controversial performance art pieces throughout the country and even the world. His latest feature film “Man Down” was an unique look inside a soldier suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder otherwise known as PTSD. The movie was praised by critics at film festivals and many saw it as a come back for Shia LaBeouf’s film an acting career. However, reports have surfaced that his new movie only managed to sell one single ticket in the UK box office.

Man Down man down is a war drama started will both and directed by Dito Montiel. While the movie features an A-list cast, the feature film managed to only earn less than nine dollars at the UK box office. According to reports, a movie of this magnitude is expected sell multiple tickets, therefore, this could be a major disappointment.

That said, The Guardian reports of the movie was only played at a single movie theater in the UK. So it’s not a full distribution release. But, the movie did not have that much buzz attached it. While, LaBeouf’s performance received rave reviews, many audience members may have not received the memo about the production or connected with the film.

It is clear that Man Down is a box office flop, it was not supposed to be a monster hit box-office movie like Transformers and the Fate of the Furious production. But, for the rest of the cast, this was just another production to add to their IMDB credits as many of them have long careers in Hollywood and several productions set up for the future. But, considering how bad the movie did at the box office, it is not a topic of conversation I would like to bring around LaBeouf.