Study: 83% of Americans Find Trump’s Relationship with the Media as “Unhealthy”

There is no denying trumps relationship with the media. Most importantly, his relationship with social media such as Twitter. In fact, nearly every day Donald Trump’s personal social media accounts creates international headlines based upon what he believes is relevant, meaningful and most importantly concerning him at the moment. He has used this platform as a way to talk directly to his opponents and businesses. But how does the American public feel about Trump’s relationship with the media?

A new Pew survey found that 83% of Americans believe that the relationship Donald Trump has with the media is “unhealthy.” Moreover, an additional 73% think Trump’s tension between the press hinders their access to political news.

These concerns over Trump’s relationship with the news, social media, and the American public stress not only between Republicans but also Democrats. Therefore, illustrating how men and women from various household incomes and education levels feel about Donald Trump’s relationship often times confrontational Association with the media.

It is important to know a separate Pew study conducted earlier this month found that a majority of Americans feel that checks and balances are not only important but also crucial to democracy and that news organization should have the ability and freedom to criticize their political leaders. Overall it is clear that Americans see the symbiotic relationship between the president and the press as something relevant to the values Americans hold true within a democracy.

 This news comes after a New York Times magazine report that found that Pres. Donald Trump considered giving Fox exclusive TV rights to televise the inauguration. In fact, CNN president Jeff Zucker says he intervened after he heard Jared Kushner broker the exclusive deal with Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch. Zucker reportedly said, “This is crazy … You’re just going to give your inaugural coverage to your base of support? It makes no sense.” That said, Zucker has had a long relationship with Pres. Trump. Busby reported last week that Trump has been asking his surrogates to try to get books on CNN and many argue that Trump’s airtime on the news network health tromp get elected.