Kylie Jenner is the Youngest Rich Celebrity on Forbes 100

While it may seem as though Kylie Jenner is most known for her Snapchat account and appearances on her family’s reality show Keeping Up with Kardashians, Jenner is not only a teenager shows a business entrepreneur.

While we are not sure how much her empire is worth, the release of Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list yesterday has revealed a lot about the entrepreneur.

The 19-year-old reality star, make-up professional, fashion designer, and author is the youngest famous person to appear on the list. Forbes placed Kylie Jenner at 59th place with an annual income of $41 million, only $4.5 million less than her older sister Kim Kardashian, who came in at number 47.

Of course, Kylie could not compete with superstars and business professionals like Diddy, who Forbes ranked as number one with $130 million, and Beyoncé who made $105 million last year.

Overall, Kylie Jenner has a bright future. The reality star has a new TV series appearing on E! this August, Life of Kylie. Perhaps, her new reality show will give aspiring entrepreneurs insight into the business of Kylie Jenner and how she made $41 million in a single year.

You can watch the trailer of her new show above.