Sony’s ‘Venom’ Will Be in the Same Universe as ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Sony will continue to produce Spider-Man franchise films was questionable following the announcement of Marvel’s production of Spider-Man Homecoming. While Spider-Man is now mixed into the Avengers universe, for at least the next few feature films, anything Sony was planning was reportedly separate from any of Marvel productions.

Then Sony announced to expand the Spider-Man universe by announcing Venom for 2018 with Tom Hardy in the starring role, followed by an upcoming Black Cat/ Silver Sable movie rumored to be in production.

Stan Lee Marvel
LOS ANGELES, CA. October 20, 2016: Stan Lee at the world premiere of Marvel Studios’ “Doctor Strange” at the El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood. (Featureflash Photo Agency /

But, it looks as though Sony’s Venom storyline could be connected to Spider-Man: Homecoming despite earlier reports. In a recent interview with Kevin Feige and Sony’s Amy Pascal for Spider-Man Homecoming, the two studio executives discussed how the upcoming Venom movie would c to the next Spider-Man: Homecoming production.

Both movies will all take place in the world that we’re now creating for Peter Parker. I mean, they’ll be adjuncts to it, there may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world, and they will be connected to each other.”

If this news is true, then it makes the upcoming Sony productions far more interesting than they would be just as stand-alone productions. However, it may open the door to complex storylines and plot holes. But, having them at least connected in the same world could open the possibilities of a similar deal between Fox, Marvel, and Sony in what could be a mega-crossover production.

So what does this mean? Is this just wishful thinking or a huge mistake? We will just have to wait and see.