Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is Now The Richest Person in the World

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is super-rich. Not just kind of rich but, exorbitantly rich. Forbes has updated their rankings after a significant overnight development, and Bezos tops Gates as the richest man in the world.

Bezos’ net worth now sits at an incredible $92 billion while Gates trails behind with $90 billion. The difference is insignificant because they are so rich they can probably buy an entire country. Yet how this change occurred is notable. Bezos’ net worth rose up $9 billion between Thursday night and Friday morning, thanks to Amazon stock shooting up by 11% during Friday trading.

Jeff Bezos Amazon
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter (right) speaks with Jeff Bezos, Founder, Chairman & CEO of (second from left) and head of Defense Digital Service Chris Lynch(left) as they visit the Defense Digital Service as Bezos visits the Pentagon May 5 , 2016. (DoD photo by Senior Master Sgt. Adrian Cadiz)(Released)

Last July, Bezos became the world’s richest person for a few hours, but shares would later drop in afternoon trading putting him behind Gates. Then during Q3, Amazon posted sales of $43.7 billion, up 34% from last year, with net income of $256 million. That number encouraged Wall Street analysts to predict the stock will continue to grow.

That said, Bezos may not remain as the richest man in the world forever. For example, last year his net worth dropped by $3 billion in one hour a year ago, so there’s no telling how Wall Street will react. Still, it is incredible to imagine how much money Bezos has.

Jeff Bezos and Amazon

Overall, through Bezos dedication to innovation and technology, Amazon has become a leader in e-commerce and cloud data hosting. The online retailer is also releasing plans to have access in your home with Amazon key and is making noise about taking over the wholesale pharmacy market. Not to mention the fact over 200 cities are competing for the honor of holding Amazon’s second headquarters.