McRib is Back at McDonald’s Along with a McRib Locator App

The McRib is back. Grab your iPhone X and get ready to eat some delicious McRib sandwiches.

Starting November 2nd, McDonald’s popular menu item has returned to select locations around the country. But figuring out where you can find a McRib is quite tricky. The sandwich is released at different locations with different times, and some places will not have them. According to Richard Southern, Canada may not even get McRib sandwiches this year thanks in part to high pork prices.

Luckily for McRib fans, McDonald’s has released an app that allows you to track and find the bbq sandwich. The app is called, the McRib Finder, which is available on both iOS and Android. Or, you can visit this website, which is not affiliated with McDonald’s, to find where you can buy McRib sandwiches.

McDonald's App
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Following the release of viral release of Szcheuan Sauce, McDonald’s is giving fans a unique dining experience by decreasing supply and as a result increasing demand. One fan ended up selling his jar of Szechuan sauce to DJ Deadmau5 for an undisclosed amount after an auction for more than $4,000 fell through.

This new McRib sandwich is a clear illustration of simple economicsMake the product harder to find and buy; you will increase the demand.That said, investors will have to wait and see if it will work but, considering their past success this could be another hit for the company. In fact, after the Rick and Morty promotional campaign, the company’s stock started trading higher by afternoon trading with a rise of 0.50% to a stock price of $160.21.