Apple Is Reportedly Working on Touchless and Curved iPhone Screens

Apple is reportedly working on touches gesture screens that curve, which will be different than all other smartphones in the mobile phone market. According to various sources, the gestures feature for the iPhone is described as a hover-like gesture system “by moving their finger close to the screen without actually tapping it.”

The new technology is rumored to be two years away from debuting to the public or if Apple is even interested in using it. Apple will implant the latest technology in the iPhone bezel instead of the display, which is similar to Samsung’s Air Gestures. The curved iPhone display has been a rumor for a while now as its been in development but, now it is expected to be around two or three years away from implementation.

Apple will ditch Intel chips in 2020

This news comes after Apple is set to ditch Intel chips in 2020. According to Bloomberg, Apple will be developing its processors for the Mac as early as 2020, doing away with current Intel processors powering the product. The decision to ditch Intel for Apple chips is a multistep process project for Apple to use their processor across all of their platforms.

Apple has been working on their ARM-based processors currently available inside iOS devices, the Apple Watch, and the Apple TV. However, Intel will still be working on the iPhone, of which it proves over half the modems for each device. It is also important to note that Apple provides 5% of Intel’s annual revenue.