Facebook Reveals Their First Major Change to their Terms of Service

On Wednesday, Facebook announced they will be updating their terms of service to clarify what it does with user’s social media information. The changes to the TOS are in response to major business shakeups to Facebook’s business since the last time the company implemented major changes in 2015.

What does this mean for Facebook?

This news comes after the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. However, the company says the update is not connected to the user privacy controversy. Rob Sherman, Facebook’s Deputy Chief Privacy Officer told Axios, “As head of GDPR, I can tell you that we needed to update our terms anyway. This would’ve happened anyway.”

Major updates include policies around new services and businesses the company has added since they last updated their features including Facebook Live and Marketplace.

Additional information will be added explaining how Facebook shares user data with businesses like Instagram or WhatsApp. Facebook’s different platforms share data through the Facebook Audience Network, the collection of user data from Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook, which is then used for advertising.

Facebook will also include additional transparency about their commitments to user data privacy, like the company’s mission to not sell user data.

What’s next for Facebook?

At the end of the day, the updates are normal business practice decisions, which were presumably going to be included at the end of the day. That said, following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the public has unto seven days to comment on the draft terms, Facebook said they will use that feedback to create a finalized TOS in the next few weeks. All users will then have to agree to the new terms, according to Robert Sherman.


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