iPhone 12: Everything We Know So Far

iPhone 12 by Apple and everything we know so far.

It wasn’t too long ago in 2018 Techies were raging about innovations for your cell phone coming in 2019. Their list was short but reasonable, given the speed at which the market was moving. At that time, the market was looking for the following according to New Atlas:

  •  5G phones- which are still developing in 2020. With 5G, what you will get is faster upload and download speeds, and more capacity on the network (giving you a more reliable signal in crowded places).

  • Foldable phones- Samsung and Huawei said that their companies were working on foldable phones. At the time, LG hadn’t officially announced they were working on the foldable phone. Still, they did apply for patents that suggested they were. The innovation would not look like two displays but displays that bend.

  •  More camera lenses- manufacturers launched the idea that cameras lenses were an area where they could make significant improvements. We have dual-lenses, triple lenses, and quad-lenses. You could ask why more lenses are better? They make up for the lack of real depth in some smart technology.

  •  AI (Artificial Intelligence)- needless to say, the higher-end phones would be the first to have the neural engine chip. Manufactures designed for the fastest processing of rapidly changing image data, which uses more processor bandwidth and power. Huawei was the first phone company to try to base the critical appeal of one of its phones around AI. The Huawei Mate 10 used the Kirin 970 chipset, which introduced its neural processing unit. 

Let us jump to 2020 and the Apple iPhone 12. It looks like the release date will be around October/November 2020, according to TechRadar. And the base price will be over $700—still no official information from Apple. The iPhone 12 is not on Apple’s official website. Nevertheless, the iPhone 11 is available to you right now if you can’t wait; Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro, and the iPhone pro max. 

What to expect from the iPhone 12: 

  1. A new design – the iPhone has had the same basic look for years.
  2. An in-screen everything – it would be nice to see Face ID and a fingerprint scanner both on screen.
  3. A higher refresh rate – what about improving the display rate from 60Hz? Other cell phones are as high a 90Hz and 120Hz.
  4. Upgrading the battery – a battery that would hold the charge for two days. 
  5. 5G Support – other cell phones have it, like the Samsung Galaxy 20, for example.
  6. A lower price? It could happen.