FDA Issues Warning on Over-the-Counter Eye Drop Products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently issued a warning to consumers regarding the purchase and use of certain over-the-counter eye drop products. The warning comes in light of potential risks associated with these products that could lead to severe eye infections, resulting in partial vision loss or even blindness.

Key Takeaways:

  • The FDA warns against purchasing 26 specific over-the-counter eye drop products.
  • The warning is due to the potential risk of eye infections that could lead to vision loss or blindness.
  • No adverse event reports related to these products have been reported to the FDA.
  • Insanitary conditions were discovered in the manufacturing facility of these products.
  • The products in question are sold under six brands, including CVS Health, Leader (Cardinal Health), Rugby (Cardinal Health), Rite Aid, Target Up&Up, and Velocity Pharma.

Details on the Warning

Potential Risks Identified

The FDA’s warning emphasizes the potential risks associated with these eye drop products. While no adverse event reports have been submitted to the FDA, the agency’s investigators found insanitary conditions in the manufacturing facility. Furthermore, positive bacterial test results were obtained from environmental sampling of critical drug production areas within the facility.

Affected Products

The products that consumers are advised to avoid are sold under six prominent brands. These brands include CVS Health, Leader (Cardinal Health), Rugby (Cardinal Health), Rite Aid, Target Up&Up, and Velocity Pharma. The list of the 26 eye drop products spans various types, from lubricant eye drops to gel drops and multi-action relief drops.

FDA’s Proactive Approach

The FDA’s decision to issue this warning underscores the agency’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of consumers. By identifying potential risks and taking proactive measures, the FDA aims to prevent any potential harm to users of these products.

Implications for Consumers

For consumers, this warning serves as a crucial reminder to exercise caution when purchasing over-the-counter products. It’s essential to stay informed about any potential risks associated with products and to heed warnings issued by regulatory agencies.

Consumers who have purchased any of the listed products are advised to discontinue their use immediately. If anyone experiences any adverse effects after using these products, they should seek medical attention promptly and report the incident to the FDA.


The FDA’s warning on specific over-the-counter eye drop products highlights the importance of regulatory oversight in ensuring consumer safety. As investigations continue, consumers are urged to stay informed and exercise caution when purchasing and using eye care products.