Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga Emerge as Potential Trade Targets for Indiana Pacers

Key Takeaways:

– Indiana Pacers show interest in Golden State Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga.
– Pacers consider trade for Toronto’s Pascal Siakam to complement their All-Star point guard Tyrese Haliburton.
– Golden State Warriors working towards possible financial flexibility to re-sign Klay Thompson.
– Warriors and Raptors previously discussed a potential Pascal Siakam deal.

In the recent rumblings from the NBA trade market, the Indiana Pacers have expressed a keen interest in Golden State Warriors forwards Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga. The news comes amid the Golden State Warriors’ open stand that everyone but Steph Curry is available for trade.

The Pacers’ Interest in Wiggins and Kuminga

Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer first broke the news when he mentioned during the “No Cap Room” podcast that the Pacers were eyeing both Wiggins and Kuminga. As stated by Fischer, the Pacers have been keeping tabs on the duo and have also approached Golden State about possible trades.

Between the two Warriors forwards, Wiggins appears to be the prime candidate for a trade deal. Despite his decreased performance and bench demotion, some believe that a change in the team’s environment could boost Wiggins’ skillset. The Pacers, however, must reconcile their faith in Wiggins with his long-term contract worth $109 million.

Pacers Eye on Siakam

In addition to the Warriors duo, the Pacers have also shown interest in Toronto’s Pascal Siakam. Featuring on their wish list, Siakam could be a valuable supplement to their All-Star point guard, Tyrese Haliburton. However, unlike the Raptors, the Pacers lack immediate win-now talent. They currently count on Buddy Hield’s expiring salary and a roster filled with young talents with significant upside and draft picks.

Options for the Warriors

The question now rests on what the Warriors could receive for Wiggins. A possible trade involving Wiggins could enable financial flexibility for the Warriors, especially when they aim to re-sign Klay Thompson in the upcoming offseason. Additionally, it could allow further playing time for Jonathan Kuminga, a goal the team has been rumored to be working towards.

Potential Warriors and Raptors Siakam Deal

Before discussing a potential deal with the Pacers, the Warriors had discussed a possible deal involving Pascal Siakam with the Toronto Raptors. The Athletic’s Anthony Slater shed light on the possible deal. But the potential trade involving Kuminga, two first-round picks, and a valuable expiring salary made the Warriors revaluate their stance towards such a deal involving Siakam.

In conclusion, the Indiana Pacers have shown multi-directional foresight for striking potential deals to boost their roster. Their earnest interest in the Golden State Warrior’s Wiggins and Kuminga, and Toronto’s Siakam, only fuels the ongoing NBA trade market chatter. The Golden State Warriors, meanwhile, could be looking at this as an opportunity to strengthen their financial positioning ahead of the offseason. With the NBA trade deadline drawing nearer, only time will unveil the final decisions of these teams.


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