Mark Ballas Makes a Hilarious TV Comeback On “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

After retiring as a pro dancer following his victorious season on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars”, Mark Ballas has delighted fans with a surprising comeback on TV, incapable of resisting the spotlight. However, this time we didn’t see him grooving on the dance floor; he appeared on the CW improv show “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. Source: []

Key Takeaways:

– Mark Ballas, the previous DWTS mirrored-ball champ, made a surprising return on the CW improv show “Whose Line is it Anyway?”.
– During his guest appearance, Ballas joined DWTS alum Wayne Brady in a skit where they pretended to be dolphins.
– Fans received Ballas’ performance warmly, praising it as “one of the best in recent years.”
– Aside from his professional endeavors, Ballas is experiencing a new phase of life as a father. He welcomed a son, Banksi Wylde Ballas, in late 2023.

Mark Ballas – A Comedian at Heart?

Ballas’ sudden shift to comedy was unexpected but well received. Fans were thrilled to see him exercise his comedic skills in January 2024, producing laughter with his classic gags and skits on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” He even partnered up with fellow “DWTS” contestant, Wayne Brady, in a Broadway-style musical duet that humorously roasts each other’s moms; this hilarious combo was indeed a sight to behold.

A New Role for Ballas: Dolphin Impersonator

Apart from lighting up the stage with his rib-tickling jokes, Ballas also took on the role of a dolphin. Yes, you heard it right: in an unusual — yet amusing — skit titled “Living Scenery,” he and Brady acted like dolphins, complete with leaping and making “dolphin noises.” The skit left the spectators in stitches, with host Ryan Stiles cracking dolphin puns, adding to the liveliness and fun on the show.

Fans React to Ballas’ Comeback

Social media was abuzz with fans pleased to see Mark’s performance. Many Reddit users lauded his performance as one of the best guest spots in recent years. Some fans expressed surprise at seeing him with Brady, his former DWTS season 31 competitor. One fan commented, “Never thought I’d see the day,” while another commended Ballas for his aptitude in storytelling and ability to vibe with partners, which lends to his suitability for improv.

Ballas as a Doting New Father

In addition to showcasing his diverse talents on TV, Ballas has embraced a new, exciting role in life – that of a new dad. In December 2023, Ballas and his wife, BJ Jean, announced the arrival of their son, Banksi Wylde Ballas. Evidently, after taking a break from the limelight, the couple is enjoying their new journey into parenthood, creating a balance between family life and Ballas’ professional commitments.

It appears Ballas’s TV return has successfully caught fans’ attention, proving he doesn’t need to dance to delight his audience. Whether it’s his quick wit or his capacity for improv, Mark Ballas continues to hold the spotlight thanks to his incredible versatility and engaging charisma.

In conclusion, from the dance floor to the comic stage, and now fatherhood, Mark Ballas continues to surprise and delight his followers with each new turn. Wherever his career path leads next, fans are guaranteed an exciting ride. What remains constant is his unique charm, which always ensures a remarkable performance, regardless of the setting.


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