Disturbing Video of Justin Mohn Accused of Beheading His Father Surfaces Online

Key Takeaways:
– Justin Mohn, a man from Levittown, Pennsylvania, allegedly beheaded his father and displayed his severed head in a YouTube video.
– The disturbing video shows Mohn ranting about the federal government, illegal immigration, and President Joe Biden.
– The police have a person of interest in custody, although they have not officially named him.
– Mohn’s YouTube page reveals that he is a musician and an author.

Levittown, Pennsylvania resident, Justin Mohn, stands accused of a gruesome act involving the alleged murder and beheading of his father, which was shockingly displayed on a YouTube video. The content, although graphically disturbing, was diligently reviewed and saved by the news reporting website, Heavy, prior to its removal.

Mohn’s Shocking YouTube Rant

Mohn utilized the YouTube video as a platform to launch a diatribe against the federal government, illegal immigration, and President Joe Biden. Introduced grotesquely with his father’s severed head, which he outrageously claimed was deserving of eternal damnation. The tirade took a political turn with Mohn accusing America of internal rot by virtue of far-left ideologies. Further, he asserted that Biden’s administration was a hive of betrayal seeking to thrust the military into conflicts overseas.

Investigations Seem to Point Toward Mohn

Law enforcement swiftly took note of the situation, and referring to the accused by the name visible on the YouTube page, commenced their investigations. The discovery of a deceased man in the upper level of a house fueled their probes. At a press conference, the Chief of Police, Joseph Bartorilla, confirmed that the person of interest was indeed located around 100 miles from the crime scene, near his vehicle.

According to the Chief, extensive investigative work led to pick up the suspect, although he refrained from naming him explicitly during the conference. As of now, the person of interest is in custody, and the law enforcement officials are confident of having the right person. The nature of the victim’s death, though, remains undisclosed by the authorities.

Mohn’s Public Persona as an Author and Musician

Outside the grim saga, understanding Mohn becomes even more confounding when considering his prolific presence online as a musician and author. His YouTube channel, still live as of January 30, advertised his music albums “The Story Of Humanity” and “Colofunkinrado”, which blend rock, funk, and hip-hop beats with progressive themes.

Mohn’s journey into the literary world led him to publish books with profound themes, available on Amazon. His oeuvre clearly displays his inclination for outre themes. Works ranged from poignant collections of poems written under the influence of marijuana to more dystopian chronicles set in a future where Satan rules the world. One of his creations eerily revolved around the onset of a bloody revolution in America.

The harrowing crime allegedly committed by Mohn stands as a jarring contrast to his seemingly productive creative life, adding a bewildering layer to an already horrifying event. As the investigation deepens, the truth will hopefully emerge soon, delivering justice to all affected parties.