Mayor Eric Adams’ Administration: Progress in Crime and Trash, Yet Struggles Continue in Key Areas

Key Takeaways:

– Mayor Adams’ administration shows improvement in crime reduction and trash collection.
– The city struggles with maintaining police response times, building safety infrastructure, and processing cash assistance applications.
– Complaints against the police department have surged by 60%.
– The city has seen a significant increase in reported quality of life violations.
– The Mayor’s office claims these efforts to improve the quality of life in the city.
– Cash assistance applications processing suffers due to an unprecedented increase.

The administration of Mayor Adams has made progress in reducing violent crime and ramping up trash collection, as revealed in a semiannual report. Still, the city grapples with several issues including police response times and cash assistance applications.

The Struggle to Maintain Services

Dubbed the Preliminary Mayor’s Management Report, the document provides an in-depth view of the city’s performance. In the initial four months of the 2024 fiscal year, police response times for violent crimes saw a rise of an average 30 seconds compared to the same period a year prior. The city attributes this increase to traffic and reduced personnel. In addition, fire response times were also slower by an average of five seconds. This points towards a worrying trend, as police responses to critical crimes have increased nearly two minutes since 2021.

Yet, the report shed light on some positive aspects. Amid occasional slow police responses, the city has noticed an improvement in violent crime rates. Major felony crime dropped by 3%, and the murder rate showed a significant 21% decrease in the four-month span, something the Mayor’s law-and-order platform takes pride in. Often quoted saying “Crime is down, jobs are up,” Adams surely emphasizes his success in crime reduction.

A Surge in Complaints and Violations

Despite crime reduction, the report also highlighted potential issues brewing within the Police Department. Civilian complaints against the police department had a dramatic 60% surge in the same four-month period compared to 2023. This coincided with a striking 70% spike in quality-of-life violations reported by NYPD. That’s a higher number than all of the quality-of-life violations reported in fiscal year 2021 under former Mayor de Blasio’s administration.

Improving Quality of Life

Despite these challenges, the Mayor’s office remains upbeat. They state that their efforts are promoting better quality of life in the city. This is visible in the record rate at which the Sanitation Department is handling trash collection. Over 100,000 more litter baskets were serviced in the first four months of the fiscal year compared to the prior year.

Going Green and Street Safety Efforts

Furthermore, Mayor Adams’ administration highlights its efforts in enhancing the city’s green spaces. According to the report, new tree plantings in the city have increased more than 100%. However, it’s not all smooth sailing as the city still struggles to achieve the Mayor’s safety improvements goals. Adams had previously promised to build 300 miles of bike lanes and 150 miles of bus lanes over his term. The report shows the city has only managed to construct 22 miles of bike lanes and nine miles of bus lanes within the four-month period.

Cash Assistance Applications Processing Slows

One of the major struggles highlighted in the report is the city’s failure to process low-income New Yorkers’ applications for cash assistance promptly. There was a more than 40% reduction in the timely cash assistance application rates year-over-year during the reporting period. The report points towards an “unprecedented and continuous increase in applications” as a major reason, hinting at a possible rise in poverty levels. Despite the rising demand, only 14% of cash assistance applications were processed within the legally required timeframe, a sharp decline from a 95% timeliness rate in 2021.

These struggles prompted criticisms from several quarters, with Councilman Lincoln Restler, chair of the Council’s Government Operations Committee, noted that the Adams’ administration was “failing to provide help to the New Yorkers who need it most.”

Though the administration is making progress in dealing with crime and trash, it’s evident more work needs to be done in areas such as managing police response times, enhancing street safety infrastructure, and timely processing of cash assistance applications.


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