Deshaun Watson’s Rehab Advances, Browns Focus on Backup QB Options

Key Takeaways:
– Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson is making strides in rehabilitation after undergoing shoulder surgery in 2023.
– Mary Kay Cabot of reports Watson is soon expected to resume throwing.
– The Browns are attentive to who will serve as Watson’s backup, with Joe Flacco being a primary target.
– Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky might be on top of the backup quarterback options list, as speculated by 850 ESPN Cleveland’s Toni Grossi.
– New offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, ex-Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator, receives the stamp of approval from Watson.

The Cleveland Browns boast optimism as team quarterback Deshaun Watson continues to recover from his shoulder surgery.’s Mary Kay Cabot reported on February 19th that Watson is nearing the point where he can resume throwing the football after three months of rest. This follows his injury in November 2023, which took him out of the entire season.

Progress in Watson’s Rehab

Watson has been assiduously rehabbing since the surgery, which repaired a fractured glenoid bone. A shoulder rotator cuff strain, however, was left untreated at the time— Cabot reported. Watson’s rehabilitation seems to be on the right track, adding that the quarterback has returned to the UCLA weight room as a part of his comeback efforts.

Currently on vacation in Rome, Watson is expected to return to the U.S. soon and hasten his preparation for throwing again.

The Backup Quarterback Conundrum

With Watson projected to commence team-throwing exercises as early as March, the Browns are also eyeing their backup quarterback options. Cabot opined on the team’s interests towards Joe Flacco, hinting at an attempt to extend his contract before the start of free agency. She predicts that Flacco might want to explore his options in the free agency.

In case Flacco isn’t available to the Browns in 2024, Toni Grossi of 850 ESPN Cleveland expressed the likelihood of the team setting its sights on former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitch Trubisky as a potent backup.

A New Era Under Ken Dorsey

Meanwhile, with the arrival of new offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, previously the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills, the Browns are gearing up for a recharged spring. Dorsey brings with him valuable experience from working with top NFL names like Josh Allen.

Watson, on his February 9 podcast “QB Unplugged,” expressed excitement about working with Dorsey, complimenting his former playing experience and quarterback expertise. This endorsement presents a promising start to the Browns’ 2024 campaign under Dorsey’s leadership, with the eyes set on making Watson a top NFL quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns are making purposeful strides as they prepare for the 2024 season. With their star quarterback Watson healing well from surgery and their new offensive coordinator garnering approval, the time looks ripe for the Browns. The team’s focus now lies on securing a reliable backup quarterback, ensuring to have all positions covered for the coming season. This ongoing off-season will be decisive for the Browns, as they work to put together a team that can confidently steer to victory in 2024.