NYPD Lieutenant with Complaint History Accused of Assaulting Car Chase Suspect

Key Takeaways:
– NYPD Lieutenant Nikolaos Stefopoulos is under investigation for allegedly assaulting Brian Marchany after a high-speed chase.
– Stefopoulos, with hundreds of arrests under his belt, has drawn 20 civilian complaints and has been a named defendant in six lawsuits.
– Marchany, who led cops on a 107 mph chase, suffered a seizure and apparent concussion following a supposed kick to the head by Stefopoulos.
– The lieutenant’s past lawsuits have cost the city nearly $200,000 in settlements.

Lt. Stefopoulos: A Career Spotted with Complaints

NYPD Lieutenant Nikolaos Stefopoulos, who allegedly assaulted Brian Marchany following a high-speed car chase, has a long list of arrests in his career. Despite his hundreds of arrests, Stefopoulos has attracted 20 civilian complaints. He has also been a part of six lawsuits totalling nearly $200,000 in settlements paid by the city. An internal review regarding the alleged assault against Marchany is currently ongoing.

The High-Speed Chase and Aftermath

In the early hours of a Thursday, 25-year-old Marchany led police on a high-speed chase down Manhattan. He sped away from officers at speeds ranging from 80 mph to 107 mph, finally crashing his car in Tribeca. Marchany, who was accused in court of evidence tampering, drug possession, resisting arrest, and reckless endangerment, suffered an apparent seizure and vomited following the chase and alleged assault.

Stefopoulos’ Achievements and Controversies

Stefopoulos, a member of the Citywide Community Response Team, has been praised for his work in tackling illegal firearms and vehicle crimes. Having served in the NYPD since 2007, Stefopoulos has made a significant number of arrests, including 273 for misdemeanors and 144 for felonies.

However, his career has not been without controversy. In 2019, an off-duty Stefopoulos sued a delivery man for $10 million over a rear-end collision. He claimed it caused him back injuries that affected his gym routine, yet he did not miss any time at work.

Incidents Leading to Lawsuits

The highest of Stefopoulos’s lawsuit settlements occurred in 2020, costing the city a whopping $125,000. The plaintiff, Michael Skolnick, claimed Stefopoulos and other officers falsely arrested him in retaliation for the filing of a civilian complaint. The city settled the case despite denying these allegations.

In addition to lawsuits, Stefopoulos has faced department charges twice but was found not guilty in both instances. He has been a defendant in six lawsuits between 2014 and 2018, with the total settlements amounting to $198,001.

An Unexpected Encounter

On that fateful day of the chase, Marchany was on his way to a Mexican restaurant with his girlfriend, Tiffany Victor. The couple soon found themselves being pursued by an unmarked Dodger Charger with tinted windows. Uncertain that cops were in the car, Marchany accelerated, initiating the high-speed chase.

Arrest and Post-Arrest Events

Following the chase and the alleged assault, Marchany swallowed drugs, according to an NYPD spokesman. This could have contributed to his seizure, requiring two and half days of hospitalization. However, Marchany’s attorney, Nicholas Ramcharitar, and his girlfriend dispute this. They assert that Marchany was sober and the seizure resulted directly from Stefopoulos’s alleged assault.

A judge placed Marchany on supervised release at his arraignment. As the case unfolds and the internal review continues, more light is expected to be shed on both the chase and the alleged assault that concluded it.