NBC’s Hit Series, Chicago Fire, Announces Unique Casting Call for Aspiring Actors

In a unique move, NBC’s celebrated television series, Chicago Fire, has taken its casting call to a distinctive direction. The network looks for individuals ready to dive into the world of acting by portraying a ‘Deceased Person’. These roles are essential in providing authenticity to the narrative, laying the groundwork for opportunities in the acting world.

Delving into the Casting Call

The casting call is particularly for those willing to convincingly portray a ‘deceased person’. Common in crime, drama, or action genre content, such a role adds significant depth and realism to the overall narrative. The role requires the actor to portray a lifeless character convincingly, contributing to the series’ overall storyline.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Buffeting the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, the shooting location is set. The exact dates for the shoot are yet to be determined and will depend on scene requirements and talent availability.

Role Responsibilities – What to Expect

1. Convincing Portrayal

The main responsibility lies in convincingly portraying a ‘deceased person’. This requires finesse and the subtle art of remaining emotionless and lifeless.

2. Punctuality and Professionalism

Being punctual and delivering a professional approach is critically important. This includes arriving on time at the shooting location and following direction from the team promptly.

3. Schedule Flexibility

Work schedules may extend into irregular hours based on the shooting timeline. Thus, the candidate must have flexibility.

Eligibility Norms for the Role

1. Open to Males Aged 20-60

This unique opportunity is open to men from any ethnic background, aged between 20 and 60.

2. Refrain from Eccentric Appearance

As the role is of a deceased person, applicants need to have a simple, natural look. This means no extravagant haircuts, unusual piercings, or tattoos.

3. No Experience Required

Previous acting experience is not a prerequisite for this role. This makes it an excellent stepping stone for budding actors.

4. Provide Accurate Measurements

Participants must give accurate height, weight, and clothing sizes to fit costumes properly.

5. Availability

Applicants must confirm their availability during specified dates and times for costume fitting and filming.

Rewards for Role Portrayal

Participation comes with incentives. In this context, the paycheck is a decent $185/8, plus an additional $40 for costume fitting.

Booster for Aspiring Artists

In summary, casting calls like these are ideal for all emerging actors seeking industry experience. It offers a platform for newcomers to network within the industry by associating with a heavyweight television series like Chicago Fire. Therefore, if you are an aspiring actor around Chicago, don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Show your talent and dedication in an industry that recognizes and rewards those who stand out.

Don’t miss out on this chance to kick-start your acting career. Apply now! Seize this golden opportunity and step into the world of acting with confidence and enthusiasm.

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