Stunt Designers Make Headway with New Credit Endorsement by Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild of America

The Screen Actors Guild and Directors Guild of America, in a landmark decision, have approved attributing credit for ‘stunt designer.’ This recognition is set to make its initial appearance in the forthcoming movie by David Leitch titled, ‘The Fall Guy.’

Stunt Professionals Take a Bold Step Forward

Chris O’Hara, a seasoned stunt coordinator, attains acclaim as the first recipient of the ‘stunt designer’ credit. This updated nomenclature accurately portrays the comprehensive responsibilities of the profession. It echoes the creativity and technical edge needed to design, structure, and take charge of stunt operations in films.

David Leitch and Kelly McCormick, representatives of 87North, the renowned production company responsible for ‘The Fall Guy,’ championed this change. They aimed to alter the conventional title from ‘stunt coordinator’ to the more befitting ‘stunt designer’, a recognition of the groundbreaking contributions of stunt teams.

Ushering in Recognition for Stunt Innovation

Leitch endorsed the novel title, emphasizing the creative leadership and contribution of stunt designers in curating fight sequences and choreographing daring high falls, among other aspects. The respected director commended Universal’s significant move to allow him and McCormick to lobby for the ‘stunt designer’ title for Chris O’Hara on ‘The Fall Guy’. The director expressed optimism that this initiative would spur recognition within the stunts industry.

McCormick stressed the ubiquitous influence of the stunts department on a film set, usually unnoticed on screen, yet, impacting all parts of a production. She underlined the importance of showcasing the artistry and technical skill involved in their craft. The addition of ‘designer’ to the title aims to captivate the central contribution of Chris O’Hara’s creative work as a coordinator on ‘The Fall Guy’ set.

Setting New Standards in Stunt Industry

Appreciating the weight of this change, O’Hara expressed his joy over the brand new title, describing it as a timely correction required to clarify the nature of the profession. He sees this landmark change as a precedent capable of acknowledging the creativity of stunt professionals across the industry.

Voices in the stunt world have grown louder, hoping that the elevation to ‘stunt designer’ could perhaps pave the way for a much anticipated stunt category at the Academy Awards, a significant change that has long been the industry’s ardent wish.

Saluting the Bravehearts of Stunts in ‘The Fall Guy’

The upcoming film, ‘The Fall Guy’, features Ryan Gosling as Colt Seavers, a veteran stuntman. The movie is directed by Leitch and is lauded for its salute to the stunt industry. The conviction echoed throughout the script is that digital stunt-work can never dim the allure of real-life daredevilry.

Chris Bumbray recently praised ‘The Fall Guy’ in his review, touting it a great summer action movie and a fitting tribute to the stunt industry. The film is expected to hit cinema screens on the 3rd of May, anticipation around its release is already gathering momentum.

As the film and motion picture industry gradually recognises its professionals with well-deserved credits, the implications of this shift remain to be seen. There’s no denying this change adds a fresh dimension to the narrative of the stunt industry, effectively setting a new course for action flicks. In essence, the thrilling future for stunt professionals worldwide is just beginning. It seems the beginning of a new chapter for ‘stunt designers’ as we know it is only just around the corner.

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