Athlete Casting Call for $4,000 Sports Drink Commercial in Nashville

In an Accelerating Drive for New Talents

Nashville, Tennessee is calling all athletes, models, and influencers to audition for roles in a major sports drink commercial. The production team is currently on the hunt for football players and coaches to bring an exciting new commercial to life. The opportunity is open to male and female actors ready to put their athletic prowess on display for the world to see.

Who’s on the Wanted List?

The primary spotlight is on football players within the age range of 18 to 30. Candidates should be of exemplary physical fitness and ideally, possess knowledge of the game. It could be a game-changer if they hold some college-level playing experience to boot. Authentic football skills are a must. However, potential candidates must bear in mind the casting call is best suited to serious athletes with a commitment to the sport.

Casting directors are also looking for football coaches aged 30 to 40. This role is open to both males and females of an athletic background who boast current or previous experience in sports coaching or training.

What Can You Expect On-Set?

Selected actors will participate in a fitting session before embarking on a full day of filming. They will perform various athletic actions and portray roles that contribute to a dynamic and compelling display of the promoted product. Participants are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism while adhering strictly to set schedules.

What’s the Reward?

Being part of such an exciting project comes with appealing benefits. For the fitting session, remuneration stands at $130 spanning two hours. The filming session offers $650 for a 10-hour duration, inclusive of a 20% agency fee. For overtime beyond the 10 hours, actors will be paid at a rate of $65 per hour.

What’s the Coverage?

The use of the commercial spans wide into media territories, including broadcast (network, spot, cable), digital (still images, social media, OTT, banners), and industrial use. The broadcast appeal traverses the entire North America, while the product’s digital and industrial promotion boasts a worldwide reach.

How About Long-term Benefits?

Actors have the liberty to choose a one-year term at $1,500 or a two-year term at a guaranteed $2,500. A renewal option with a 10% escalation rate up to five years is also on the table. Let’s not forget the exclusivity agreement which extends to energy drinks, sport drinks, athletic drinks, and powders.

Making an Impact in the World of Sports

This casting call doesn’t just offer a one-time gig; it opens up opportunities for aspiring actors to make a name in the sports advertisement sector. So whether you are a football enthusiast wanting to showcase your talents or a coach looking to share your experience on the grand stage, this call could be your chance to score big.

Showing up to Play

So ready to take a shot at this opportunity? Today might be the day you land your major role in this action-packed sports drink commercial. So stretch those muscles, shine up your athletic helmets, and let Nashville hear your call. This could be the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Get into the playfield and let your potential explode. Today just might be your day to shine.

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